Mobile Computer Science Principles

Teacher Resource Website

The purpose of this website is to help teachers who have completed our professional development (PD). While all current PD teachers are welcome to use this website, most of the information that one can find here is directed at those participating in our research project.

On this website teachers will find tutorials for how to submit data, resources related to recruiting students for the course, IT resources to help implement the curriculum, College Board information and links (for those teaching in AP format), webinars, robotics challenges, etc.

For more information about the Mobile CSP grant, our work, and why collecting data is necessary, please click here.

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Basic Terms and Participation Information

This website should only be shared with teachers who have completed our PD, master teachers, and the Mobile CSP Team.

How do I participate in research?

Teachers must volunteer to participate the research portion of the project. If you are interested in volunteering to participate in research, please contact us at BEFORE OCTOBER 7, 2019 (Fall Semester / Full year Courses) or FEBRUARY 3, 2020 (Spring Semester Courses).

Am I eligible to participate in research?

If you have completed a Mobile CSP professional development and received a Certificate of Completion or Participation, you are eligible to participate in research?

What are the benefits of participating in research?

Teachers who volunteer to participate in research will be asked to submit student research data and complete a teacher end of the year course survey. In return, your students will be able to issue the latest Mobile CSP midterm and final exam. Mobile CSP will create tokens for your students to use, the exam will be issued electronically, and we will grade the students' responses.

If you have further questions about your status please contact