Presentation of the results of the MenSkil project in Paris

On June 27th the final meeting with the partenrs of the European project MenSkil was held, they have been guests of the Creps IDF Sports Center in Paris.

The European project MenSkil ends, its aim was to demonstrate the fundamental contribution and potential of mental abilities in sports development programs, in order to preserve the integrity of sport and prevent misbehavior among both professional and amateur athletes.

The final conference of the project was held on Wednesday, June 27th, at the CREPS sports preparation center in Paris.

CREPS Center Director Michel Godard opened the conference by welcoming over 200 participants including athletes, coaches, sports experts and heads of several French national sports federations. He then thanked the Centro Sportivo Italiano and the Scottish Canoe Association for the collaboration in the project, for the analysis carried out on the mental preparation of the athletes and for the work done for the production of the final results.

During the first part of the day the Scottish partners (SCA) Remi Gaspard and Doug MacDonald presented the results of the analysis carried out on more than 100 athletes from Italy, France and Scotland, belonging to more than 15 different disciplines, including the athletics, artistic gymnastics, volleyball, karate, rugby, slalom canoes, fencing, archery. From the first conclusions it emerges that one of the mental training practices common to most of the coaches, is to set precise goals and individualize the training, but it is underlined a different approach depending on the type of sport.

The conference was then subdivided into 3 Workshops, the first one was held by the Italian Paralympic athlete Emanuele Di Marino who focused the discussion on how to integrate mental preparation in training and competitions of Paralympic athletes.

The second workshop was held by Beppe Basso (manager of the CSI school of technicians) in collaboration with Michael Nayrole (French National Archery Coach) on the integration of mental preparation in team sports and finally Remi Gaspar (SCA) together with Doug Macdonald, they have dealt with individual sports.

In the second part of the day Professor Renato Marino (national CSI trainer) held his discussion in plenary session, and he has dealt with deepening the training aspects of the practice of mental training, to ensure the growth not only regarding the physical potential, but also psychic, moral and social of young people.

The project leader Jean Raymond Marquez, concluded the day, thanking everyone for their presence and collaboration, launching new ideas for future extension of the project.

The results and the data collected will be used to proceed with the writing of the Final Report to be submitted to the European Commission.

Scottish coaches hosted in Paris for French stage of MenSkil

On Sunday May 13th, sharing expertise between CREPS and Scottish Canoe Association on the #MenSkil programme through observing the use of mental skills by coaches in table tennis and volleyball. The Scottish coaches also had the opportunity to compare French and Scottish approaches to developing young athletes and learn from each other. A great example of the power of collaboration and sharing expertise in order to benefit young people in sport.

Scottish coaches hosted near turin for italian stage of menskil

On Monday April 9th the Scottish mental-coach Doug McDonald arrived in Italy to continue the work of the European MenSkil project.

In that occasion, there have been analyzed the sporting activities performed by the two coaches members of the CSI sports clubs of Asti, precisely:

- for athletics the ASD Junior Asti with coach Fabrizio Marello (youth under 16 and senior)

- for volleyball the ASD Dedalus Play Asti with coach Beppe Basso (women's Under 16 team) in charge of the School National Technicians of the CSI.

The Scottish expert, Doug McDonalds, explored how the Italian athletics and volleyball coaches were developing their mental skills in their athletes and the opportunity to share the expertise from Scotland and Italy.

The results of the study will be presented in Paris during the closing meeting in June 2018.

The third meeting of the MenSkil project in Rome

On the 15th and 16th of March, the partners of the European MensKil project met in Rome at the national office of the Italian Sports Center.

On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th March, two intense days of work on the MenSkil project took place at the National office of the Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI). The aim of the project is to study and expand the knowledge about the mental skills of the sports, in order to make existing training programs more efficient to preserve the sport integrity among young athletes.

There were present in Rome, Jean-Raymond Marquez, director of the French Center of resources, expertise and sports performances (CREPS) and project leader; the partners of the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA), Remi Gaspard (SCA performance director) and Doug MacDonald (SCA coach and pathway developer) and, for the CSI, Renato Marino (CSI national trainer) and the athlete Emanuele Di Marino, CSI sport expert for the MenSkil project.

The meeting allowed the sharing of the first results deriving from the analyzes on "mental training" carried out in the three partner countries. In these months, in fact, athletes and coaches have responded to some surveys developed ad hoc.

The CSI has contributed to the data collection in the committees of Bologna and Asti thanks to the collaboration of the provincial Coordinator of the training, Elena Fabbri. Mrs Fabbri involved the ASD Energym and its athletes and coaches of artistic gymnastics and the head of the national CSI technical school, Giuseppe Basso, who involved in the analysis ASD PlayAsti for volleyball and ASD Junior Asti for Athletics. During the meeting, the collected data were presented by Giuseppe Basso together with a testimony of his own experience in the field.

The Italian technicians, Renato and Emanuele have elaborated and exposed an analysis related to the observation phase of the training session and an interview made to the coach before and after the training, in order to examine how the mental training in progress is reached and developed.

The SCA shared the results of the qualitative and quantitative survey and the first draft of the common final analysis. Then they updated and exposed the action plan to the partners until the end of the project.

Before the greetings, the partners discussed the organization of the final conference of the MenSkil project to be held on June 26 at the CREPS Center in Paris. During the final meeting, in addition to the presentation of the project results, there will be organized some workshops on specific topics such as sports and education, mental training and disability.

The second meeting of the MenSkil project in Scotland

On the 16th and the 17th of October at the Heriot Watt University of Edinburgh there was the second meeting of the European MENSKIL project (Preventing threats to sport integrity among young high level athletes through development of mental skills).

On the 16th and the 17th of October, the CSI attended the 2nd meeting of the European project MenSkil. The French partner CREPS, the Scottish partner SCA and the CSI, shared the progress of the last 6 months, at the Heriot Watt University in of Edinburgh. In particular, the national CSI trainer, Renato Marino, has outlined the methodology applied to the "mental skills" used in Italy.

Then the discussions was held on the processing of the "mental skills" questionnaires to be submitted to the coaches and the athletes. It was developed an observation grid to be used during the questionnaire evaluation phase, which is functional for the development of a common mental skills methodology.

During the next meeting, scheduled for March 2018 in Rome, the French partner CREPS, the project leader, will share the results of the questionnaires provided by each partner. The collected data will be used to proceed to the last phases of the project, which will lead to the final methodology.

In France the kickoff meeting of the project MenSkil

On the 1st and the 2nd of March, in Paris, took place the 1st kickoff meeting of the European project MENSKIL - Preventing threats to sport integrity among young high level athletes through development of mental skills.

The project, will be implemented over a period of 18 months (between January 2017 and June 2018) and through two main development work packages:

- Work Package 1 (WP1): sharing common analysis on mental skills concept, training programmes and its contribution to the preservation of sport integrity;

- Work Package 2 (WP2): Highlighting common patterns and best practices and formulating recommendations.

WP1 will last 12 months and will be coordinated by the lead (WP Leader) French partner, CREPS.

During these two days in France, partners have known each other by sharing the work they do in their own association. Then they passed to the study of the administrative and financial rules for a correct reporting, in addition to the discussion on the implementation of all the following steps (WP). The aim, in fact, is to create a line of action shared by all.

Franck Durivaux, member of the CREPS, presented the training program of cycling athletes on the track, bringing out the mental skills needed during the individual moments of the competition that affect the quality of the athlete's performance.

Finally the Scottish partners SCA presented the operation of the British model of sport, with particular focus on the Scottish one and how it has a positive influence on the entire UK sports system.

CSI had the task of caring for the dissemination activities of assisting the other partners to the designed achievement.

The partners will meet in June in Scotland to discuss about the progress of the work and the planning of the future work phases.