Pre-K to 8th


All about Mrs./Sra. Moyce

Mexico City is where I was born. I was baptized in the Basilica de Guadalupe. I am one of seven and all my siblings have families. I grew up in San Mateo and worked for Visa. My husband and I moved to Dublin in 1988.

I worked for a telecommunications equipment manufacturing company called Nortel in San Ramon. My schooling consists of bachelor's degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. My son was born in 1994 and by the time he reached 2nd grade I was volunteering in his classroom. I enjoyed being with the students so I decided to return to school and get my multi-subject teaching credential and Master's Degree in Education, also from USF.

While I was completing my teaching credential, the position for classroom aide was advertised in the St. Raymond parish bulletin. And as they say the rest is history: After a year or so Mrs. McMullen, had a need of a 7th grade homeroom teacher so it all fell into place for me.

Here at St. Raymond I have been a 6th and 7th grade homeroom teacher, I have taught Social Studies, Religion and Spanish. My years here at St. Raymond school have been positive and uplifting. I know that I am truly blessed to be working here at St. Raymond School.