“Community Conversations” Offers Insight into CSDNB’s Guiding Principles

(NEW BRITAIN, CT) – Superintendent Nancy Sarra hosted CSDNB’s second “Community Conversations” of the year on Tuesday, November 13. Members of the community gathered at Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of New Britain for dinner and conversation regarding CSDNB’s Guiding Principles – a working document based on student, staff, and community input that outlines the rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders throughout the school district.

“Community Conversations” are monthly forums open to the entire New Britain community as a means to come together and foster continued two-way communication between the district and community. Superintendent Sarra hosts the forums in an effort to create a welcoming environment where families and community members can share their voices about issues that are important to them while enjoying a meal together. This month, the meal was prepared by the OIC staff.

The focus on CSDNB’s Guiding Principles at the most recent forum gave those in attendance the opportunity to further discuss the rights and responsibilities of students, parents/guardians, and staff in helping students remain on track for educational success. The Guiding Principles serves as a guide for families and students to gain a clear understanding of the “Profile of a New Britain Graduate” – a list of five abilities and attributes students should develop throughout their CSDNB education at all grade levels to make them career and/or college ready upon high school graduation. Based on student, staff, and community input throughout the 2018-19 school year, the profile identifies the following five abilities and attributes for post-graduation success.

1. Empathy and Cross-Cultural Understanding

2. Critical and Creative Problem Solving

3. Initiative and Perseverance

4. Analyze and Construct Arguments Based on Evidence

5. Meaningful and Purposeful Communication

Community members in attendance reviewed excerpts from the Guiding Principles document and had the opportunity to discuss their observations and ask further questions about the rights and responsibilities of students, parents/guardians, and staff.

“A critical component to our students’ success is building and maintaining a strong partnership with families, community partners, and our faith-based organizations,” said Superintendent Sarra. “Our thanks to all who participated last night and are committed to a long-lasting partnership that sets our students up for success.”