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Student Device Letter of Agreement

Google Account Reset Form

Missing or Broken Device Form

Student Technology @ Home (link to CSD site)

CSD Google Email and Account Change

CSD Google Email and Account Change Info

Beginning-of-the-Year Tech Help

This website is setup for students and parents. Please email rats@csdecatur.net if any links do not work, or if the files will not open. We work primarily in the google environment, but for the sake of convenience for ALL computer platforms, most links are downloadable as a PDF.

How to Navigate this Website.webm

Student Procedure if Device is not Working Properly

Always remember to turn off and turn on, or do a hard reset (home button and power button at same time) before submitting a ticket. Student tech tickets are no longer available. Students should reset teachers submit a FreshDesk Ticket. Students may NOT visit the technicians office. It is ok, however, to visit the media center for troubleshooting.

End-of-Year Help

iPad users! Save all important project photos to your Google Drive.

Don't forget your Movies!

Student of the Month

--Zoe Wakefield

Saving iPad photos to your Google Drive.mov

Script for Video How to save images from your device to your school Google Account.

Tech Tips

Take High Quality Photos (Created by RAT Sari)

UNSUBSCRIBE from unwanted emails (like from Belk or other department stores)

Report Phishing

#1 Whenever you get an "is this a scam?" vibe from an email, please forward the message to phishing@csdecatur.net and cc: your teacher.

#2 When we confirm a message is phishing, we'll ask you from your end to report the offending message to Google (see screenshot).

#3 The technology department will block the individual sender or sometimes entire domains, and we also report the message to government and industry working groups to add to the dataset that informs phish-phinding heuristics.


Navigating Managebac for Students

Navigating Managebac for Parents

How to Upload Google Drive Files into Managebac [video by 7th grader, Bryce]


Google Products

Free G-Suite Training

G-Suite being, of course, Google Suite of apps--this link provides instructions for you to setup the Free G-Suite in-app training. It's an add-on to get little pop-ups within the apps while working in the apps - https://support.google.com/a/answer/7039472

On an iPad

On a Computer or Chromebook

For more tech help, check our youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkeOrSFBs2ojuyW9ed8ZBqQk

iPad Specific

CSD Google Email and Account Change

Frequently Asked Questions document

CSD Google Email and Account Change Info

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