DHS Counseling Department

Who is my Counselor?

Comprehensive Counseling Program

Decatur High School has a comprehensive counseling program designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of 14 to 20 year olds. All students have equitable access to the counseling program. DHS counselors seek to remove barriers to learning and provide opportunities and supports, which will empower students to reach higher towards their full potential so that they can achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. School Counselors deliver prevention, intervention, and responsive services that support the academic, career, personal, interpersonal, and healthy development of all students.

Department Members:

Department Head: Dr. Kimberly Jones (Room: 2539) email

Full Time Counselors: Dr. Ken Jackson (Room 3531) email

Mrs. Tamika Mickens (Room 3526) email

Mrs. Raquel Jones (Room 2538) email

Mrs. Meg Scheid (Student Success Center) email

Graduation Coach: Bill Roberts (Room 1523) email

Counseling Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Mary McCrary (Counseling Suite: Room 2541) email

Registrar: Ms. Davida Atwood (Room: 2540) email

Counseling Intern: Wendy Teo (Room: 2538) email

Counselor Caseload Assignments

Each student is assigned to a specific counselor’s caseload according to their last name (see chart above). The school counselors are the primary academic advisors in the school. Counselors help each student select the most appropriate program of study to ensure success in high school and to plan for the years after graduation. The Graduation Coach's caseload is comprised of students who need additional assistance to meet graduation requirements along with the remainder of their initial 9th grade cohort.

Counselor Administrator Pairings

Each counselor is paired with an administrator that covers the same 9th - 12th grade caseload. Counselor/Administrator pairings are as follows:

K. Jones/C. Armor, R. Jones/W. Hatfield, K. Jackson/S. Weber, T. Mickens/J. Johnson, and M. Scheid/J.Johnson & C. Armour

Counselor & Assistant Principal Presentation


Confidentiality is a key component for working with students and parents. Every effort will be made to maintain that confidentiality. Confidentiality is the counselor’s commitment to respect the students’ privacy by not divulging anything shared in a counseling session except under certain limited conditions. These conditions generally include safety issues (to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to self and/or others), legal issues, and professional responsibilities. The American School Counselor Association's Ethical Standards for School Counselors are available here.

Who Does What

Counseling Departmental Responsibilities

All Counselors

- Academic, Emotional/Social, Post-Secondary Counseling via individual, group, and classroom guidance formats

- 504 process and meeting facilitation

- IEP meeting support (counselors will make sure case managers have information related to progress towards graduation)

- Facilitate a data based counseling groups

- Attend PL to provide professional growth and address data based areas of need

Bill Roberts – Graduation Coach

- Maintain a caseload of students 9-12 off track for graduation

- Serve as the Academic coach for students in the REACH Scholarship program

- Coordinate/Facilitate prevention/interventions including mentoring programs for students on the GC caseload

- Member of RtI Team

- Support students/families on needing non-AP/IB academic support on the GC caseload

Mary McCrary – Counseling Administrative Assistant

- Coordinate scheduling of 504 meetings, upload 504 documentation to IC, add 504 flag IC, and add 504 testing accommodations to the student database

- Student/Family ManageBac Support

- Coordinate College Rep Visits

- Work Permits

- Certificates of Attendance

- Manage Office Interns

- Counseling program support/counselor support

- Office reception and visitor “triage”

- Coordinate Senior names for Diploma Order / Graduation

Davida Atwood - Registrar

- Manage Registration/Enrollment of DHS and Frasier Center students

- Manage Withdrawal of students

- Manage Residency checks and follow-up

- Reconciles transcript requests of current and former student

- Student/Family Infinite Campus Portal support

- Student records entry and updates (transcripts, courses, demographics, etc…)

- Course creation support for Administration

- Manage everything related to STARS/SURFER – HOPE/Dual Enrollment – GSFC

- Student Records Management – getting school records/information from former schools/college of current /new students