CONTEXT: The Catholic Schools' Debating Association hosts a Sydney- wide debating competition for students in years 7-12. Schools are able to enter up-to THREE teams per year group to compete against other schools. Debating, in Catholic Schools across Sydney takes place over Term 2 with finals held in Term3. The CSDA also hosts a State Debating Championship Day for regional schools in Term 4.

For further information about the competition, please consult the Rules for CSDA Debating

The competition is run in the following formats.

  • Rounds 1-6 : Students debate against a range of students in appropriate zones. In the week leading up-to their debate, students in years 7-10 are given a broad topic area. Students are then given their specific topic on the night of the debate and a subsequent hour to prepare.
  • Elimination Rounds: Some teams may be forced into an elimination round before the quater & semi finals. These schools may be on equal points/debates won.
  • Finals: Successful teams will progress to the quarter-finals, semi finals and then the Grand Final of the CSDA. Students in these rounds are not provided a broad topic area as it is expected that students will be able to debate a range of topic drawing from their own knowledge.

The topics for this competition are varied and students and teams are expected to present a logical, well structured and cohesive debate in accordance with their side of the topic.

In any given year approximately 1000 people, including student participants, volunteer adjudicators and debating teachers are involved in the CSDA Debating Competition.