Oral session I

    • Frederick Matsen IV, Mathieu Fourment, Michael Karcher, Andrew Magee, Christiaan Swanepoel and Cheng Zhang. "Learning, using, and extending variational distributions of phylogenetic trees"
    • Andreas Georgiou, Vincent Fortuin, Harun Mustafa and Gunnar Rätsch. "Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Taxonomic Classification of Metagenomic read sets"
    • Alex Lu, Oren Kraus, Sam Cooper and Alan Moses. "Learning unsupervised feature representations for single cell microscopy images with paired cell inpainting"
    • Ellen Zhong, Tristan Bepler, Joseph Davis and Bonnie Berger. "Reconstructing continuous distributions of 3D protein structure from cryo-EM images"

Oral session II

    • Seonwoo Min, Seunghyun Park, Siwon Kim, Hyun-Soo Choi and Sungroh Yoon. "Pre-Training of Deep Bidirectional Protein Sequence Representations with Structural Information"
    • Yilun Du, Joshua Meier, Jerry Ma, Rob Fergus and Alexander Rives. "Energy-based models for atomic-resolution protein conformations"
    • Dexiong Chen, Laurent Jacob and Julien Mairal. "Protein Fold Recognition with Recurrent Kernel Networks"

Oral session III

    • Johannes Linder, Nicholas Bogard, Alexander B Rosenberg and Georg Seelig. "Deep exploration networks for rapid engineering of functional DNA sequences"
    • Ali Pazokitoroudi, Yue Wu, Kathryn S. Burch, Kangcheng Hou, Aaron Zhou, Bogdan Pasaniuc and Sriram Sankararaman. "Efficient variance components analysis across millions of genomes"
    • Kelly Cochran, Divyanshi Srivastava, Akshay Balsubramani, Anshul Kundaje and Shaun Mahony. "Cross-species Transcription Factor Binding Prediction via Domain-adaptive Neural Networks"

Spotlight presentations

  • Oscar Clivio, Romain Lopez, Jeffrey Regier, Adam Gayoso, Michael I. Jordan and Nir Yosef. "Detecting Zero-Inflated Genes in Single-Cell Transcriptomics Data"
  • Alice Yue, Cedric Chauve, Maxwell Libbrecht and Ryan Brinkman. "Identifying differential cell populations in flow cytometry data accounting for marker frequency"
  • Jacob Schreiber, Deepthi Hedge and William Noble. "Zero-shot imputations across species are enabled through joint modeling of human and mouse epigenomics"
  • Andreea Gane, David Belanger, David Dohan, Christof Angermueller, Ramya Deshpande, Suhani Vora, Olivier Chapelle, Babak Alipanahi and Lucy Colwell. "A Comparison of Generative Models for Sequence Design"
  • Conor Delaney, Alexandra Schnell, Louis Cammarata, Aaron Yao-Smith, Aviv Regev, Vijay Kuchroo and Meromit Singer. "COMET: A tool for predicting multiple gene-marker panels from single-cell transcriptomic data"
  • Bowen Chen, Neda Shokraneh Kenari, Habib Daneshpajouh, Kay C. Wiese and Max W Libbrecht. "Continuous chromatin state feature annotation of the human epigenome"
  • Tyler Funnell, Allen Zhang, Diljot Grewal, Steven Mckinney, Ali Bashashati, Yi Kan Wang and Sohrab Shah. "Integrated structural variation and point mutation signatures in cancer genomes using correlated topic models"
  • Haoyang Zeng, Brandon Carter, Siddhartha Jain, Brooke Huisman, Michael Birnbaum and David Gifford. "Machine learning optimization of MHC class II presented peptides"
  • Ayse B. Dincer, Joseph D. Janizek, Safiye Celik, Naozumi Hiranuma, Kamila Naxerova and Su-In Lee. "DeepProfile: Interpretable Deep Learning of Latent Variables from a Compendium of Expression Profiles for 18 Human Cancers"
  • Brian Williamson, Peter Gilbert, Noah Simon and Marco Carone. "A unified approach to model-agnostic variable importance"
  • Nicasia Beebe-Wang, Safiye Celik, Pascal Sturmfels, Sara Mostafavi and Su-In Lee. "MD-AD: Multi-task deep learning for Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology"
  • William Chen, Joseph D. Janizek and Su-In Lee. "EXPERT: Explainable Prediction of Transcription Factor Binding based on Histone Modification Data"
  • Nil Sahin, Mojca Mattiazzi-Ušaj, Matej Ušaj, Myra Paz Masinas, Charlie Boone, Brenda Andrews and Quaid Morris. "Automated outlier detection and mutant phenotype discovery on single cell images"
  • Kevin Dsouza, Adam Li, Vijay Bhargava and Maxwell Libbrecht. "A Cell Type-Agnostic Representation of the Human Epigenome through a Deep Recurrent Neural Network Model"
  • Nelson Johansen and Gerald Quon. "A deep deconvolution approach for combining the high-resolution of single cell atlases with the scale of bulk genomics"