I'm a PhD student at the University of Wroclaw, under the supervision of Tomasz Jurdziński. My main area of interests are parallel and distributed algorithms, as well as algorithms for large data sets.

Publications (more or less in chronological order, starting with the most recent):

  • Mohsen Ghaffari, Krzysztof Nowicki, Mikkel Thorup: Faster Algorithms for Edge Connectivity via Random 2-Out Contractions (arxiv)
  • Mohsen Ghaffari, Krzysztof Nowicki: Congested Clique Algorithms for the Minimum Cut Problem (PODC'18)
  • Tomasz Jurdziński, Krzysztof Nowicki: Connectivity and Minimum Cut Approximation in the Broadcast Congested Clique (SIROCCO'18)
  • Tomasz Jurdziński, Krzysztof Loryś, Krzysztof Nowicki: Communication Complexity in Vertex Partition Whiteboard Model (SIROCCO'18)
  • Tomasz Jurdziński, Krzysztof Nowicki: On Range and Edge Capacity in the Congested Clique (SOFSEM'18, part of arxiv)
  • Tomasz Jurdziński, Krzysztof Nowicki: MST in O(1) Rounds of Congested Clique (SODA'18, invited talk at HALG'18, invited talk at 'Discrete algorithms' minisymposium at CanaDAM'19)
  • Tomasz Jurdziński, Krzysztof Nowicki: Brief Announcement: On Connectivity in the Broadcast Congested Clique (DISC'17, part of arxiv)

Name collisions:

So far I was mistaken for:

- dr Krzysztof Nowicki from Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wroclaw.

- prof. Krzysztof Nowicki from Department of Statistics at the Lund University