Course Description

The World Wide Web was proposed originally as a collection of static documents inter-connected by hyperlinks. Today, the web has grown into a rich platform, built on a variety of protocols, standards, and programming languages, that aims to replace many of the services traditionally provided by a desktop operating system. Topics will include: producing dynamic content using a server-based language, content serving databases and XML documents, session state management, multi-tier web-based architectures, web security, and core technologies including HTTP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL will be emphasized. This course will also study concepts and technologies including AJAX, social networking, mashups, JavaScript libraries (e.g., jQuery), and web security. This course is hands-on and project-based; students will construct a substantial dynamic web application based on the concepts, technologies, and techniques presented during lecture.

Course Information

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Course Time and Location

  • COMPSCI 326-01 (Tim Richards) Tu/Th 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM South College Room W245

Lab Time and Location

  • COMPSCI 326-01AA (Course Staff) M 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM South College Room W245

Office Hours

  • Tim Richards, W 4-5, F 1-2:15 LGRC A351A or by appt
  • Arjun Karuvally, T/W 10-12 LGRT 225
  • Shiva Ramezani, M 2:15-3:45, T 1-2 CS BLDG 207