Board of Directors

Board of Directors

RML is governed by a Board of Directors. The shareholders/members elect each director for a three year term. The Board of Directors elects the officers each April. An Annual Shareholders Meeting is conducted on the first Friday of March, during which Absentee Ballots and in-person ballots are counted by an independent Vote Teller appointed by the Board.


  • Janet Leogrande: President - Contact Info:
  • Paula Baldino - Vice President
  • Paul Fegter: Secretary


  • Laura Adams
  • Lynda Alling
  • Brendan Beatty
  • Peggy Cameron
  • Ben Cascio
  • Kelly Clark
  • Amro Elnahrawi
  • Wayne Loranger
  • Eric Rozenblat
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Vito Natarelli