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Trust Wallet: Best Cryptocurrency Wallet | Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum Wallet

Trust Wallet: the simplest doorway to cryptocurrencies

Crypto wallets and exchanges are the two most integral players that can turn the whole game of the crypto trade and investment. The existence of multiple wallets and exchanges no doubt provides a lot of options in front of crypto investors but they do also create chaos in the mind of the investors, such as which wallet to opt for trade, which one is the best, and so on.

To make a final decision and reach a conclusion, one should have complete knowledge of the available wallets, to evaluate every aspect of the crypto wallet in detail. So, for this purpose, we have gathered some crucial information relating to one of the crypto wallets- Trust.

Trust wallet is all you want to get simple access to the crypto realm. It is the easiest way to keep a track of all the movements happening in the world of trade and investments relating to digital assets.

This content is created with the aim to unpack the basic details relating to the platform and to help you in creating a strong knowledge base of the crypto wallets existing to add convenience to the trading of digital assets. 

An introduction to the Trust wallet

Trust wallet is a non-custodial wallet that offers crypto users to transact their digital funds securely. Users can send, receive, exchange, and hold digital assets including NFTs also. Apart from providing the basic activities to access a crypto wallet, this exchange also supports staking on some of the cryptocurrencies.

The wallet is free to use and doesn’t ask for a subscription. Moreover, being a non-custodial; wallet, the authority to keep all the information regarding security keys, etc rests with the wallet owner only.

Ways of accessing the Trust wallet

The wallet has designed multi-ways through which investors can use the wallet. The launched ways of using the Trust wallet are:

Mobile app: The wallet has introduced a compatible mobile app that can work on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can get its mobile app from the in-built software store to use it in operating your tasks.

Extension: The wallet can also be accessed through the web. But to access the wallet through the extension, users have to first get a supported extension for it and thereafter they can use the wallet. Currently, Chrome is the only browser extension supporting the working of this wallet.

Unlocking the gateway to the crypto world

The one and foremost step to opening up the doors of the crypto world and to better organize your digital funds is by way of creating an account in your name. You can skip this step if you are looking to avail of the benefits offered by this crypto wallet.

So, we will first learn the steps of how to create a wallet account in your name. Alternatively, we can call them the “Sign Up” steps.

The steps to be followed are:

This is how you can create a new account on the wallet. Simply launch the app after it gets downloaded and installed on your mobile device and then go with the further actions as displayed on your mobile screen.

If you are already having a wallet then you can access the existing one by clicking on “I have a Wallet” on the default screen of the app.

Resume your journey with the Trust wallet login

Once you get a wallet account registered in your name, you are now able to head toward performing the crypto trade activities after completing the wallet’s login steps. The sign-in steps that you have to follow to access the account are:

This is how you can easily get into your wallet account. Just keep the login credentials handy to ensure speedy completion of the login process.

How to get an extension for the Trust wallet?

Getting and working on a mobile app is as easy as a piece of cake. Anyone can download the app on their holding devices but what’s quite tricky here is how to access the wallet on the web. Right?

Well, to put a mark on this search of yours, we are here with the answer. As mentioned in the above section of the read, to work with this wallet via the web, one needs to get an extension for it and Chrome is the only extension available to date for this wallet. So, below we are covering the beginner steps of how to get an extension installed on your computer/laptop. Give a quick check into it:

Extensions are just an alternative way of working with a particular wallet. This method is adopted by the ones who are much more tech-savvy and have learned all the possible tricks and activities of the crypto market.

For novice ones, the mobile app is a favorable way of managing their crypto funds.

Final Verdict

Trust wallet is a true multi-chain wallet, that encourages investors to lift up their crypto trade to the next level. Investors can in a blink of an eye move between wallets. The wallet safely stores, manage, and receives the crypto coins and tokens. In case of any problem or guidance, reach out to the wallet’s support desk without any hesitation.

Moreover, you can choose whatever method you find suitable to manage your funds i.e. via a mobile app or through an extension.