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Edge Wallet: a multifaceted crypto trading recourse

Buying and selling crypto assets has never been an easy task to do and to break this misconception among investors, Edge wallet entered the crypto market. The wallet aims at demolishing the walls of complexity that restrict investors from becoming the part of crypto trade.

Free from any charge this wallet has made a significant position in the list of safe crypto wallets. Moreover, the wallet is considered great for novice investors. Let’s know more about this wallet through this comprehensive piece of knowledge. 

The background of the Edge wallet

Initially known as Airbitz, Edge wallet was launched in the year 2014. Headquartered in San Diego, this wallet service emerged to cope with the trading requirements associated with Bitcoin. Empowered with a few highly intellectual working members, this service holds the vision of bringing digital liberty among all the sections of the investors. Moreover, it believes in providing top-notch security tools to the investors by which they can access and better manage their wallet’s sensitive key and transaction data, which in turn helps in portraying a better picture of financial security.

On this path, “Edge Security”, a security protocol was also launched. And to achieve this vision, the team has framed certain milestones, to empower investors all around the world to interact and get involved with the crypto economy by making it accessible to all investors.

The Edge wallet desktop version is not available. The wallet has been strictly launched only for mobile devices. Investors can download the app on their respective mobile devices to manage their funds via this wallet. The available options placed in front of the investors are:

 Attractive features of the wallet

The salient features of the wallet are as follows:

An index of the Edge wallet-supported countries

With its simplicity, privacy, and cutting-edge security the wallet is meeting the determined needs of investors in an exceptional manner. Due to its excellent features and multi-asset support, Edge wallet is supported by around 170 countries to date. However, listing the name of all the countries in this article would be quite challenging. Thus, you can check out the complete list of the supported countries and digital assets from the official page of the wallet.

Witness extraordinary trade with Edge wallet for Android

The wallet aims at delivering a high-quality experience and security, and to ensure that the core values of the wallet are not compromised it works on the foundation of principles. The three guiding principles on which the wallet works are innovation, empowerment, and community.

If you too want to be a part of something extraordinary that adds wings to your crypto trade journey, then here’s the first move that you’ll have to take in order to commence enjoying the service of the wallet.

The outline of creating a wallet

In this part, we will walk through the route map for getting a wallet:

And you’re done!! Isn’t it simple? 

With a couple of steps and in just a few minutes, you have registered a wallet account in your name. Having a wallet account gives you a green mark to start your crypto trade. But wait there is something that you need to know to function.

Umm… what’s that?

Hold on!! Check out it in the next section of the read.

Edge wallet login: a step away to dive into the pool of crypto assets

Holding a wallet account, no doubt allows the investors to become a part of the crypto trade, but this won’t permit you to perform any trading activity unless you complete the Edge wallet login steps. The complete series of steps to be followed for a successful login are:

 This way investors can easily get into their Edge wallet and can start executing the crypto trade and investment actions. Keep all the wallet-related information under the veil and never reveal it to anyone to avoid the chances of any mishappening.

Is Edge wallet safe?

The wallet does have a security protocol “Edge Security”, introduced with the aim of adding and raising the bars of security standards concerning the trade of digital assets. The wallet does have a password feature that verifies if it is the real owner of the wallet, who is trying to access the wallet. Edge wallet verification is also a part of its safety. For advanced security, it does support biometric login also.

Overall, we can conclude that the wallet is safe in some aspects and is good to opt for. The responsibility of maintaining the security of the wallet rests with the owner also. Thus, users are asked not to disclose any kind of sensitive information relating to the wallet to anyone.

The Final Take

From the crafted piece of information, you might have got a somewhat clear picture of the Edge wallet review. With its cutting-edge security, simplicity, and user data privacy, the wallet helps in the easy management of digital funds. The wallet work on the concept of delivering remarkable service to let people believe that managing digital assets is not a complicated task anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edge a good wallet?

The wallet is ranked good in terms of its operations. Considering all the factors such as wallet security, user interface, multi-assets support, safeguarding the user’s data, backup, and other elements the wallet has the ability to satisfy the trading need of the investors in an efficient manner.

What is Edge Wallet used for?

Just like another crypto wallet, Edge wallet is used to store and manage crypto assets under one roof. In addition to the basic functioning of the wallet, it has come forward with a special program of “Crypto Loans”. The aim behind launching this plan is to help investors in carrying out seamless trade activities.

Is Edge Wallet supported in India?

The wallet is supported by a large number of countries. The number of supported countries is around 170. The team working for it is looking for possible ways to expand its reach and make it accessible all around the globe in the coming future.

Which country can use Edge Wallet?

All the countries that have qualified the eligibility criteria of the wallet and are supported by it, can use Edge wallet without any hassle. The wallet is on its way to render service to all the other countries that are currently not covered under the list of supported countries.