Metamask Extension: the Crypto Wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and Nfts

You might have heard a lot about the MetaMask app, which was launched to provide users with a handy approach. But what is still underrated is the MetaMask extension. There are only a few people who have an idea about what extension is, its benefits, etc. To build an understanding of the extension we have framed this article for those who are still wandering and looking to work with the wallet using the extensions.

Undoubtedly, the mobile app of this wallet is delivering an exceptional crypto service to its users and is also attracting potential ones. But to get some added benefits of this wallet one can make a choice to go with its available extensions.

So, let’s begin our journey at a drop of a hat.

Shall we???

What is the MetaMask extension?

Moving ahead it’s time to take the next step in your wallet journey and to know about the extension. The extensions are a way to function crypto wallet using the web plugin. By this we mean, that the user will not be able to directly use the wallet if they are working on a computer/laptop device.

To do so, you’ll require a companion or back support that allows users to organize and transact their funds using the MetaMask wallet on the web. So, for the ease of tech-savvy users or those who prefer to work on computer devices instead of mobile, the company has launched an extension for the wallet. The extension works as a way to store Ethereum and ERC-20 crypto coins and tokens. There is no cost involved in getting the extension and it also allows the web applications to interact and read the Ethereum blockchain.

The added advantage of MetaMask extension login is that the wallet users get an opportunity to explore several decentralized applications and finances. You can even stake your crypto funds anywhere within the Ethereum blockchain. Above all this, you will also be able to interact with smart contracts.

A short guide to download and install MetaMask browser extension

Going through the introductory part of the MetaMask extension, if you are wondering now for the steps that will help you in installing and using the extensions, then for your convenience, we are covering that aspect also. 

In this section of the article, we will look into the steps to download and install the MetaMask extension but before that what’s more important is to know about the popular browser that acts as an extension for this wallet. They come among the most recognized browsers and are as namely:

You can simply choose any one of the above browsers to start working on this wallet via the web. For your ease, I’m hereby listing the steps that will help you in installing the Chrome extension for this wallet. The steps are as under:

Now open the downloaded extension and tap on the “Get Started” tab on the displayed page. On the following page either choose to import a wallet or to create a wallet. Follow the further prompted instruction according to the option picked up by you.

NOTE: Do remember, that there is no MetaMask Chrome extension Android mobile (or any other extension) available for mobile devices. If you want to work on this wallet via a mobile device, then you can simply download the app on your mobile devices (Android/iOS) and get started working on it after setting up a wallet account or importing your existing wallet.

How to backup and restore MetaMask wallet?

Think of a situation where you change your computer then here is the way that will help you to back up and restore your wallet but before that keep your “Secret Recovery Phrase” (SRP) handy. If you have saved your wallet SRP, then here is the step to find it to embark on your journey. 

Give a little sight below:


With this the backup process is complete. Note down your SRP somewhere safely to complete the restoration process.


Yay! With these simple steps, you have successfully restored your wallet and are all set to take your crypto trade to new heights.

How to deal with “MetaMask extension not working”

Working on software is also not free from technical issues. The same is the case with the MetaMask extension. The most common error that the users come across is the “not working” issue in using the MetaMask. However, no particular reason behind the occurrence of this error is identified yet there are certain fixes that might help you in solving this issue on your own. 

Some of the effective resolutions are as follows:

It is recommended not to reset your wallet or account until and unless it is asked by the MetaMask agent to do it.

Wrapping it up!!

The above article was made with the goal of providing you with some advanced knowledge apart from the basics relating to the MetaMask extension. With this article, you can check out the browsers that are supported by MetaMask. 

There are several benefits that a user can avail of using this wallet. The most important thing relating to this wallet is that you’ll be having your SRP secure with you to backup and restore the wallet.