Metamask Extension | Download MetaMask Extension for Chrome

Are you a more tech-savvy person and prefer to function through a computer/laptop?

Several software relating to the different fields were introduced to ease the operations performed by the users and to increase their reach. The case is the same in the case of crypto wallets and platforms. But, the question arises what to do if you are comfortable operating via a computer/laptop?

If you are looking to organize your funds with the crypto wallet via a computer/laptop, then you can do so in the case of MetaMask.

Wondering how you could do this?

MetaMask extension are a way out there that lets users start managing their crypto funds through a desktop or computer device. In this article, we will get to know what extensions are and how you can begin your journey with them.

Let’s get started without any further delay.

MetaMask Wallet- what is it?

MetaMask is a web3 non-custodial hot crypto wallet used to store and manage crypto-related funds. A crypto wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to store the unique digital codes which are used to send and receive crypto assets. Instead of storing physical funds, these wallets hold virtual assets to help the wallet holder to organize and make the best use of the crypto funds.

MetaMask is majorly based on the Ethereum blockchain and supports ETH-based coins and tokens, and this feature makes it stands out from the other wallets. This wallet supports tokens and NFTs on Ethereum and B&B blockchain, earlier known as Binance Smart Chain.

A quick check at its key takeaways

The key takeaways of a crypto wallet reflect the main highlights concerning them that make it quite different from the other available wallets. Some of the attractive key takeaways associated with this wallet are as under:

  • A popular cryptocurrency wallet with a huge user base of around 30 million users

  • It is available on both the web and mobile devices (Android and iOS)

  • The wallet doesn’t support Bitcoin

  • It allows users to earn rewards on staking

  • The users can get assistance from the help center and community board

  • The wallet is hardware compatible

  • Need not to reveal personally identifiable information

What are Extensions?

Extensions are a way of using the wallet on your computer or laptop. In other words, we can say that extensions act as an intermediary between the investor and the crypto wallet if he is attempting to function the crypto activities via the computer or laptop.

The extensions are majorly adopted by the tech-savvy person, who makes every move after the comprehensive analysis of each and every movement taking place in the crypto market. There are five extensions that are supported by MetaMask and are also well-recognized by everyone.

MetaMask extension acts as a gateway to explore several decentralized applications, and finances along with integrating with the smart contracts.

We will be learning about the download and installation process of the MetaMask extension in the next section of this read along with knowing the available supporting MetaMask extension.

How to download and install MetaMask browser extension?

From the above section, you might have got an idea of what extensions are and when there is a need to have an extension. Before learning the steps to download and install the MetaMask extension let’s have a look at the supporting extensions first.

Currently, there are five browsers that are supported by MetaMask. They are as follows:

NOTE: There is no “MetaMask Chrome extension Android mobile” available in the crypto market to date. If you wish to organize the crypto funds through a handy approach i.e. via mobile then you can get the app for it and then start by creating a profile on it.

To download the MetaMask extension, follow the steps listed underneath:

  1. Navigate to the official website of the MetaMask

  2. Bang on the “Download” button at the top of the page

  3. Hit on the “Chrome” icon (or any other as per your preference)

  4. You’ll then land on the “Google Web Store”> “Add to Chrome”

  5. Bang on “Add Extension” to re-confirm the download

The extension will then be downloaded and you will be able to see the same in your download history. To get started with it, click on the puzzle icon resting on the right side of the search bar after launching the browser. Select the extension from the appeared list. A new page will be open to getting started with the wallet. Go with the further directed instructions to create a wallet account with this wallet.

A cursory check at the MetaMask extension login

If you have successfully installed the extension on your computer and laptop, the next step in your journey is to go for its login to access the crypto trading activities. With a login, you can get back into your concerned account and perform the tasks related to the cryptocurrencies. The steps for login are simple, all you’ll have to do is to provide the correct login details in the asked field required at the time of sign-in.

After entering the true login credentials that you have set up at the time of account creation, you’ll be allowed to get back into your wallet account.

How to settle the “MetaMask extension not working” error?

You might at times face problems in functioning with the MetaMask extension because of the high volume of traffic and of its large user base. But there is no need to get frustrated with these issues, rather you can get rid of this issue within a few minutes by just adapting some of the general measures to settle this issue.

Have a look at the most effective measures to solve this error. They are:

  • Erase all the cache and cookie history from your device

  • Power on the system you are operating on after shutting it down

  • Go for operating system updation

  • Double-check the Internet connectivity

  • Switch to another internet provider

  • Try using another browser

  • Close all the active tabs

  • Go for a fresh start

  • Check the server status of MetaMask

Try out these effective measures to come out from being in hot water.

Finishing it up!

MetaMask extension are a great way to get introduced to the dapps, and defi. Not only this but with the extensions, you can easily integrate with the smart contracts. To get started with the extensions you’ll have to get it first on your computer/laptop and then you can go ahead by importing a wallet (if you are an existing user) or by creating a new one (if you don’t have a wallet).