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Cryptocurrencies are ruling the industry for decades. Nowadays, people are captivated by crypto trading and due to that tons of exchanges came into existence.

If you are involved in this industry, you might have been well-versed with several crypto exchanges to trade, buy and sell digital assets. But, choosing a perfect one can be difficult for you, if you are a novice trader. is also one of the renowned trading platforms known for being equipped with sophisticated trading tools and high-end security facets. You can enable its all possible benefits after login. This read is designed to aid you in deciding the best crypto trading platform as I am going to present a meticulous review of So come along to dive into the details.

What is and how does work?

As we already noted, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange company has a distinctive interface. It was created to meet trading requirements and boost the cryptocurrency experience over time. The security measures you'd receive are all in line with industry norms and wouldn't let you down.

We believe you would be able to access and explore the services it provides after the login process. If you are a participant in the trading community, you may buy, sell, and trade more than 250 different types of cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but you would also be able to stake cryptocurrency, invest in NFTs, and can get massive profits from it.

Learn about the nations that supports

Numerous factors contribute as a crucial component to providing an enhanced experience to login users. The most notable point is this platform supports various countries, check out the list to get to know about them:

  • Portugal

  • Finland

  • Italy

  • United States

  • Spain

  • United Kingdoms

  • Switzerland

  • Germany

  • Netherlands

Understand the process of the app download

If you wish to join the community of mobile application users, let us guide you through the specific actions you must take:

  1. Unlock your Android device or iPhone.

  2. Enter the Play Store or the App Store, as appropriate.

  3. Once you locate the App outcome, choose it.

  4. Select "Get" or "Install" depending on what you see on the screen.

  5. Give some time to finish the installation.

After getting the key attributes of, you would be thinking that how can you opt for its services. Well, we will take it from the top. First, we will talk about the sign up process, and then we will move further by taking all the significant methods, that you will need in order to begin your journey.

Steps to acquire your login account

Get the way to log in to on desktop

As stated, the following instructions will assist you in logging into your account on a desktop:

  1. Open the website in any preferred web browser.

  2. Look for "Log In" when you will land on the crypto login page, and click it.

  3. Enter your registered login information when asked.

  4. Verify the data, if it is accurate, press the "Sign In" button.

Now, you have enabled the functionalities of

Is there any method to login to via phone number, you may ask? So let me tell you, there is no way to perform a app sign in with a phone number. Your phone number is required for setting up 2-factor authentication, but not for the login process.

Well! If you are worried about the security of your assets, offers you an exclusive facility of a digital wallet to store your assets. Here is the process to begin its usage.

Ultimate guidance to perform wallet sign up

One may quickly create an account and obtain access to the hosted wallet service provided by the platform by navigating And, here are the simple steps you may take to set up your account:

  1. Go to the official website first.

  2. If you are using a PC, tap "go to exchange".

  3. If you're using a mobile device, choose the option to download an app.

  4. Hit the "Sign up" & fill out all the necessary information.

  5. Select a reliable password for, then confirm it.

  6. After that, check the boxes to demonstrate your agreement with the conditions.

  7. Finally, click "Create account" and your wallet is now all set to be in use.

How can you reset forgotten login password?

If you have lost your login credentials and can’t login to, there is a need to perform a account recovery, given instructions will aid you in doing so.

  • Tap the "Forgot Password?” available on the online log in page.

  1. Enter the required information that is asked.

  2. Thereafter, you would get a reset email.

  3. Choose a new sign-in password for using it.

This way, you can complete the account recovery. wallet recovery using the mobile app

  1. You must still know the previous 12-word recovery phrase.

  2. Reinstall the app on your smartphone after uninstalling it.

  3. Thenceforth, hit the "Import an existing wallet" available in the menu.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new passcode.

How can you clear out login issues and problems?

Here are a few tips to resolve the login issues:

  • Watch the service for a while to check whether the problem is being fixed.

  • Keep an eye out for app updates, and install them right away.

  • Examine the server and the Internet connection for issues.

  • Clear all of the cache from your browser's history.

Final Verdict!

This informative article has been meticulously written to assist you in understanding the Exchange, one of the top trading platforms available online. The service has several benefits that increase its efficiency, and traders from all over supported nations adore it. I have guided you enough, but in case you need any assistance, you can get it from customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to get money out of

Once you've successfully performed the login, follow the procedure below to withdraw money:

  1. Open the service app, then select "Accounts".

  2. Thereafter, press the "Transfer" > "Withdrawal".

  3. Now, pick up "External Wallet" and proceed further.

  4. To get money out, follow the rest of the onscreen instructions.

  • How to add money to

For depositing, open the login and navigate to “Link bank account”. After linking the USD fiat wallet, input the amount you want to add. Make sure you have enough in your bank and confirm the deposit.

  • Can I access my account online?

Yes of course! All the services of are available online. All you need to get access are speedy internet and your login credentials. Once you’ve performed the login, you can get every possible benefit of via any device either mobile or PC.

  • Does have a website?

Yes, the exchange offers both a mobile application and a web-based service. This cryptocurrency exchange's website and mobile app version are both quite effective.

  • Can you use exchange in the US?

Yes! There are about 90 nations around the world, including the United States of America, where you can use the exchange. It offers a convenient and secure trading experience to all of its users.

  • How do I connect my to my website? doesn’t provide any such facility, you can’t connect the to your website but you can send funds from the to the website exchange by implementing the given instructions.

  1. First, open the wallet and choose a coin that you want to send.

  2. After this, select send, and then hit “ app”.

  3. Now, you will see an address on the screen, copy that and use it to complete the transfer.

  • How can I recover my account?

In case you have forgotten your login credentials or lost access to your login account, you can retrieve your account by following the instructions outlined below.

  1. Hit "Forgot Passcode?" on the login screen.

  2. Enter your DOB when requested.

  3. You'll get an email to the registered address.

  4. To log in, open the email and change your password.