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Find INFO, forms, links, and resources that will help you lead in Cru.

Start here: How Do I lead in Cru?

If you want to be a part of leading in Cru at UNL, we want to do everything we can to help you! Because everyone is at a different place and has had different leadership experiences, we seek to customize our leadership on-boarding as much as possible. However, here is the general pathway we encourage people to follow:

    1. Join a CruConnect group (our small groups all over campus). In a group, you'll be a part of an intentional community that follows Jesus together.

    2. Serve on a Ministry Team. We want every single student in Cru to have a ministry role they call their own on one of our four Ministry Teams. Win (focusing on outreach), Build (focusing on community and training), Send (focusing on reaching new areas of the campus and world), and Communications (focusing on our weekly meeting and social media strategies).

    3. Apprentice and prepare to lead. If you desire to lead a CruConnect group or lead a Ministry Team, we will begin to hear more about your desire to lead and talk about what will be the best fit for the ministry as a whole and you individually.

    4. Launch a new group or lead a Ministry Team. Once you're intially trained, we'll launch you into your new leadership area. You'll receive ongoing connection and training from a Cru staff member and grow alongside other student leaders.


Cru Leadership Interest Form - Indicate your desire to lead in some way. START HERE if you are interested in leading a Ministry Team (Win, Build, Send, Cru Live), being a CruConnect leader (our small groups), or serving at Cru Live (worship band + A/V team).

CruConnect Group Structure - See what our groups look like and what you'd be responsible for as a future leader.

Important Links

UNLcru.com - Online home of UNL Cru

UNL Cru GroupMe - Official group chat for UNL Cru

UNL Cru Instagram

UNL Cru Facebook Page

Suggested resources

A non-comprehensive list of resources if you are intersted in diving a little deeper into biblcial study and theology.

Online Resources

  • The Compass - Tools for Making Disciples

  • EveryStudent.com - Articles addressing tough questions about life and faith

  • CARM.org - Apologetics site devoted to equipping Christians to understand their faith and world religions

  • Bible Gateway - Bible versions and other study helps

Theology & Doctrine

Mission & Evangelism

Grow in Grace


Looking for something else? Have a question? Or just want to connect with a Cru staff? Send us an email and we'll get right back to you!