THRIVE means to prosper or flourish. To THRIVE spiritually involves moving closer to God on your spiritual journey, one step at a time. Thrive Studies are a series of 76 small group studies that help students lead their friends on a spiritual journey toward a closer connection with God. In sections labeled START, WALK, RUN, and GUIDE, Thrive can help you on your spiritual journey, no matter your level of spiritual maturity. Always free, always relevant, check out Thrive studies today.



“Thrive Studies truly helps me and my friend to get to know Jesus more and it helps to strengthen and grow our faith.”

– Krystel

“Very interactive materials applicable in real life. God bless you.”

– Daniel

“Our leaders have really appreciated having well thought out resources aimed at younger students”

– Jason

Thrive Studies are small group Bible studies.  They are 100% free and are great for any age, but were originally designed to be used by teenagers with their friends.  

Here you will find training and tools to help you be the best small group leader we've ever seen!  Learning some best practices can help your group grow and help your students thrive.  


Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. Working with teenagers on local high school campuses and around the world, we are making a difference one student at a time. Find out more about us at


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