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Sky Lantern

Matt found a sky lantern in his yard with a note that said "Love you Dad, Miss you so much, Steph." The letter to this grieving daughter that he posted on his blog went viral and led him on a search to find Steph.

When they finally met, Steph asked, "If there is a God, what is he like?" He answered, "If there is a God, he is like a good father: he loves you, he's proud of you, and he wants good things for your life."

This emotional story connects audiences with their thoughts and feelings about their own families. In the process it shows them that love is as strong as death and reveals a father's love and the inherent worth of human beings. Matt ties it all together with an opportunity to enter a relationship with God through receiving Christ.

Imaginary Jesus

Nearly every person on Earth, from atheists to fundamentalist Christians, has an idea of who they think Jesus is (or was). Given all the conflicting ideas, how do we discover who the real Jesus is?

Matt's presentation is both humorous, poking fun at our many goofy ideas of Jesus, and honest about how strange the Bible's stories about Jesus are. He moves to what the Bible says about who Jesus is and an opportunity to respond to Him.

"One of the things I love about this outreach" says Matt, "is that people come in the door knowing we're going to be talking about Jesus. if they're in the room, it's because they want to be in this conversation, which is really great."

Event Details

  • Audience demographic - collegiate or young professional
  • Honorarium varies ($500 - $1000)
  • Expenses to be paid are all travel, per diem, hotel and program supplies
  • Can do up to 2 programs a day

Please Note: We would highly encourage you to consider having Matt do an evangelism training time with your staff and students after the event to help equip them for effective spiritual and gospel conversations.

The first 10 campuses that book this program with an evangelism training time will receive 20 Imaginary Jesus or Sky Lantern books to give away and 20 copies of his new evangelism book Good News For A Change.


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Photo: sky lantern by Leon Contreras on Unsplash; Jesus graffiti by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash