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David’s flawless technique as a ventriloquist sets him apart from just about any other ventriloquist you have ever seen. He will amaze you with his ability to make you believe that anything can talk while his comedy act keeps you laughing from start to finish.

What if there were more to life than what you perceived? Dual Reality is a mind bending experience that uses mentalism to show there is a bigger story than what we first might see.

Based on Marian’s book, Sex and the City Uncovered, Girls’ Night Out is an evangelistic event designed for college women.

Nearly every person on Earth, from atheists to fundamentalist Christians, has an idea of who they think Jesus is (or was). Given all the conflicting ideas, how do we discover who the real Jesus is?

Terrorist attacks, racial tensions, mass shootings, wars, sex trafficking – most will agree that the world is broken. But the world’s not the only thing broken. Watch God mend the broken lives of students through the IT IS BROKEN outreach.

A sky lantern landed in Matt's yard with a note that said "Love you Dad, Miss you so much, Steph." The ensuing story leads audiences to core truths about love and human worth.