Ramen with a Side of College

A tool to help RAs begin spiritual conversations

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As leaders living in the dorms, RAs have a unique opportunity to connect with students.

Residents see them as a source of encouragement, practical advice, and counsel.

What if RAs could easily incorporate their spiritual life into these relationships?

Ramen with a Side of College

Ramen with a Side of College is designed as a tool to begin spiritual conversations while, at the same time, providing an easy-to-understand resource on the nuances of college life.

From laundry instructions to safety tips, Ramen serves as a reference book for all the advice RAs typically give to their students. However, throughout the book are scattered thoughtful questions designed to spark spiritual conversations.

With this tool, RAs can safely engage their students in meaningful conversations as they teach them how to survive college and life on their own.

Take A Look Inside

Ramen Sample Pages

Hey Staff!

We want to work with you to provide Ramen with a Side of College as a tool to safely enable spiritual conversations on your college campus.

For the first 20 campuses to sign up:

  • We will pay for 50% of the book order!
  • Not only that, but we will also provide $30 Starbucks gift cards for RAs and their follow ups with students! How could a college student turn down the promise of a free coffee?

Email vicki.guinn@cru.org for more information!


You can order cases of Ramen with a Side of College at http://www.fsicatalog.com/FSK/books-1.

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