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No one is born a great emcee. Charisma, humor or an outgoing personality are helpful, but they are not enough. Emceeing, when done well, takes time, energy, forethought and practice.

Whether you’re a student or a staff member, an emcee yourself or want to see your emcees thrive, our Emcee Lab is designed for you.

  • You will learn foundational principles for effective introductions, interviews, transitions, announcements, and more.
  • You will practice communication skills and receive constructive feedback in a supportive small-group atmosphere.
  • You will experience valuable interaction with new and seasoned emcees.
  • You will be encouraged to cultivate the heart of a shepherd toward your audience.

Dates for the Fall 2019 Emcee Lab have not yet been determined. For more information contact Denise DiSarro.

What Others Are Saying

"Emcee Lab was one of the most practical trainings that I have experienced during my time on staff. The speakers and coaches made it very easy to stay engaged and locked-in during the entirety of the weekend because they definitely had the expertise. The tips were all extremely useful, the heart behind being an emcee was valuable, and the communication drills helped me become a more complete public speaker."

Beau Coit, Campus Ministry, Denver Metro

"Overall loved the conference. I think something like this should be required for all staff on campuses. I think Emcee Lab helped me grow and will continue to help me coach and train my students!!"

Kyle Steffen, Campus Ministry, Sioux Falls SD

"I enjoyed small group practice and feedback… It was helpful to know what I was doing well and what could be improved upon. It was a very gracious way to learn and work on skills. I was extremely scared beforehand about getting feedback but it was done in a most loving, encouraging way that once I was there, I was not afraid to be in front and receive notes."

Rachel Rodriguez, Destino, University of Central Florida

"Emcee Lab was exponential in helping me to regain confidence in my speaking ability and trust in God to help me use my gifts for the Kingdom well. I especially enjoy just how all-encompassing the program was. Going over pitch, tone, gestures, program planning, and even how the Lord fits into the programming was just such a change in perspective on the role of the Emcee."

Dyrek Chowning, Athletes in Action, Chicago