Comm Lab

People are bombarded by thousands of messages a day. Make sure yours is the one they notice.

Whether you speak at weekly meetings, cast vision for your ministry, give evangelistic talks, or train your students and staff to share their God stories, Comm Lab can help you to more effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

At Comm Lab you will hear engaging seminars from skilled communicators and receive practical one-on-one training from experienced coaches. Your confidence will grow as you practice your newly-learned delivery skills in the safe and encouraging environment of a small coaching group.

For more information:

Denise DiSarro (U.S. Coordinator) or Teresa Touma (International Coordinator)

Comm Lab 2020 will be held in April at the IMMI Conference Center in Westfield, IN. More details to come!

What Others are Saying

"Comm Lab made me feel like I transitioned from being a megaphone on a poll, to a person at a coffee table. One of our church partners asked me to fill the pulpit for a Sunday, and this was the first time in two years on staff I felt confident in what I was communicating."

- Marcus Pattullo, Campus Field Staff

"Everything was so beneficial! I came into Comm Lab with no idea how to speak in public, and as a result I avoided all speaking engagements. It wasn't so much fear as incompetence. How was I suppose to stand? How much should I walk? Where do I look? What do I do with my hands? Now I know! Moreover, I enjoy talking up front now! Excellent conference and one of the best things I have ever been able to participate in."

- Christopher Branner, Campus Field Staff

"This training was a huge benefit to my campus ministry team in Ireland. I saw visible transformation with some of our young staff in just a few short days. High quality. Very professional. Excellent standard. This training is a must for anyone who is in full- or part-time ministry."

- Kelly Mulholland, National Campus Director, Ireland

“The lectures and the drills were extremely beneficial. We were given the theory of speaking then allowed to practice, practice, practice. That really helped me to internalize and put into practice the theory. In addition, having a great coach (go Don!) to help give guidance while practicing was critical. I also enjoyed the time/space we were given to meet with God. I was impressed by how much focus was given to intimacy with the Lord. It was encouraging and meaningful.”

- C. B.

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