Comm Clinics

Comm Clinics are short versions of Comm Lab that we bring to your location.

Here's what you need to do to host one.

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Choose a focus:

  • Delivery Skills - Learn how to utilize non-verbal skills to reinforce your message so that it will make the greatest impact.
  • Story - Learn how to express your God-given stories so they speak to the hearts of those around you.

**Every Comm Clinic includes personalized one-on-one coaching to take your skills to the next level.**

What You Provide:

  • travel costs, meals and housing for up to four coaches
  • a facility with a large room for seminars and small rooms for coaching groups (one room for every eight or nine people)
  • printing of training materials
  • Audio-visual equipment for media presentations
  • a maximum of 36 attendees
  • you decide how to handle registration/check-in, cost, housing, and meals for attendees

What We Provide:

  • up to four communication coaches
  • sample "save the date" emails AND a personalized one-page promotional website that you can use to invite your teams
  • an optional template on Cru's Event Registration Tool for you to modify
  • a schedule and training materials for you to print
  • teaching media: coaches will bring laptops to hook into your AV system

To book a Comm Clinic or for more information email Denise DiSarro