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Communication Resources

Our training events and videos offer a unique blend of principles and practice time designed to help take you to the next level as a communicator.

Do you speak at weekly meetings, cast vision for your ministry, give evangelistic talks, or train others to share their God stories? Comm Lab can equip you to communicate more effectively to your target audience.

Comm Clinics are short versions of Comm Lab that we bring to your location. Choose a focus of Delivery Skills or Writing & Telling Your Story.

Whether you’re a student or a staff member, an emcee yourself or want to see your emcees thrive, our Emcee Lab is designed for you.

This video series will help equip you and your teams to take the next step as you lead musical worship, speak, emcee and plan programs. Each free online video provides a bite-sized nugget to put into practice at your next weekly meeting or other event.

Freshman Survival Kits are a time-tested and effective strategy to connect incoming freshmen with local Cru movements.

As leaders living in the dorms, RAs have a unique opportunity to connect with students. Ramen With a Side of College gives them a tool to safely engage their students in meaningful conversations.

Header photo by G. Crescoli on Unsplash