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What’s on EveryStudent.com

Everything is worded to nonbelievers. Videos and articles not only answer their questions, but seek to move them toward a relationship with God. It addresses people’s most honest questions:

  • How can you prove God exists?
  • Where is God in tough times?
  • Does God answer prayer?
  • Why Jesus, not another religion?
  • How can you believe the Bible?!
  • How does God view gays and lesbians?

Here’s a list of topics.

Any Culture

A person can be from any cultural or spiritual background, and the site speaks to them. Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, etc.

The reason EveryStudent.com is in 45+ languages is because it has been found effective in speaking to people in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc. Every language site has been built at the request of someone who speaks that language.

You can feel comfortable offering it to any student from any nation or religion.

For Atheists

Also, here is a special 7-part email series for atheists: Spiritual Adventure Pack. Thousands have become believers through it. Here’s one:

“Although you don't know me I feel that you've taken my hand and led me on a very special journey these last few weeks. You have led me from complete denial of God's existence to not just believing in Him but knowing that He is there. The evidence you give was sufficient to convince this 33-year-old, life-long atheist; not an easy challenge!” ~Caroline

Sign up for this series yourself, so you can experience it. It will help you with atheists or any nonbeliever.