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An Overview of EveryStudent.com

In 45+ languages - Probably any student you meet, there’s a site for them, helping them understand God in their language.

Offer EveryStudent.com to the person and that person senses that you care. That you’re trying to help, not control them. You’ll find them saying, “Thank you.”

At the end of any spiritual conversation just say,

“If you’d like to explore questions about God on your own, here’s a great site.” Hand them a card to EveryStudent.com.

You can ask the person later about it and continue the conversation.

Online, their defenses can come down. It’s safe. No one is challenging them. They can be honest. It’s the perfect environment for God to speak to them.

From new believers:

“i was a good student, but deep down i was breaking into pieces. Life was becoming harder and harder. countless sexual partners, lots and lots of lies. Sometimes i would just sit down alone and cry. My life was a mess. Then one day i was on internet looking for something that can give my life a meaning and i came across your website. You introduced God to me in a magnificent way.” ~ Felix

"My prayers are now very emotional. Often tears flow on my cheeks. It is impossible to describe. I found a light in the dark. I opened my heart to the Lord Jesus. I am so happy.” ~Ondre

“Through your website, I felt that God was talking to me directly.” ~Julia

“Here I was a Muslim, reading article after article, thinking, ‘This is true! This is true!!’ I sent the site to my friends, praying God would speak to them. Many became believers.” ~Shariff

How This Can Impact Your Campus

People share what has helped them. When people become Christians on EveryStudent.com, they immediately know how to help others come to Christ. It spreads. It multiplies on campus.

How This Can Help You

You can be comfortable in any conversation. You no longer need to feel trapped by a question you can’t answer. There is freedom to focus on the person, care for them, knowing you can deeply help them, even in short conversations.

This is a habit worth building. It is way-of-life sharing Jesus that will stay with you well beyond graduation. (EveryPerson.com is the same site, under a different name.)

It fits our culture where people live on their mobile devices. You’ll find it useful in an office building, an Uber ride, subway, apartment complex, etc.

Also, let’s be honest. Friends and relatives are high risk. You don’t want to offend them or lose the relationship. Encouraging someone to visit a website, whether in person or through a text message, is not likely to offend them. You are respecting their right to come to their own conclusions, in private. Those who receive Christ will probably tell you!