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1. In personal conversations.

Many times, we tend not to mention God because we don’t think we have sufficient time or the person is not sufficiently interested.

Now there’s freedom to start conversations you can’t finish. You have something to say even in short 2-minute conversations.

You can say, “I know a great site that addresses hard questions about life and God, like why is life so hard, and how do you know God exists. May I give you a card to it?”

No one is ever offended by offering them a website.

2. How to Start Easy Conversations about God.

This short video explains:

3. As an outreach.

Here’s a half-page flier (prints two to a page) that makes it easy to quickly hand out on campus. [insert photo of flier]

You say, “We’re wanting students to know about this site. Do any of these topics interest you?”

You hand them the paper. If they want to talk, you do. Otherwise, quickly move on leaving the paper with them. The goal is to hand out many and only talk to the students where God opens the door.

These fliers can also be offered on information tables, at weekly meetings, as handouts in fraternities or dorms.

4. At the end of Soularium, Perspective Cards, or other surveys.

Finish the conversation by saying, "If you’d like to explore questions about God on your own, here’s a great site." Ask if you can text it to them or hand them a card to it.

5. At the exit door of evangelistic events or weekly meetings.

Students might be leaving with questions in their mind. Give them a place that night, while they are thinking about it, to go further, perhaps to beginning a relationship with God.