How to Help New Believers

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When someone receives Christ, whether in person with you or at an event, we usually try to meet with them within a day or two.

Many times that doesn’t happen. Schedule conflicts, or the person isn’t sure about meeting, they are leery of a Christian group, or the day comes and the person doesn’t really see the need for it.

Here’s a way to help every new believer and likely build their trust in meeting with you.

After the person receives Christ, immediately take them to Bring it up on your phone and invite them to sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit.

It will help them understand their new relationship with God, how God is faithful, his unconditional love, what to do with sin, etc. (Sign up for it yourself, so you can see it.)

New believers will see that this is a “normal” group and deeply grateful for the help this series is to them. Trust builds. They are grateful that you offered this to them, and likely more comfortable about meeting with you.

From a new believer:

“I have found great comfort in the spiritual starter kit. Until you came along, I was going to do something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. Once again, I want to thank you. Not only has it opened my eyes, but my heart as well. It is amazing the way I see things now, as oppose to the way I did a few weeks ago. If you knew me personally you would be amazed at the changes in me.” ~Jose