Walking in harmony with others and Creator.

Joining Native American students, faculty and their communities in their spiritual journey and walking in harmony with others and Creator.

What We're About

“What we are seeking is a place where the gospel brings freedom and spiritual power to follow Jesus with all our heart, souls, minds and strength, while still fully embracing our tribal identity, traditional customs, cultural forms, worldview and rituals. We seek a place where we are no longer seen as the perpetual mission field of the dominant culture church, but rather a place where we are honestly embraced as co-equal participants in life, work and the community of Christ’s followers-as indigenous people.” - Richard Twiss, Lakota

What We Do

We create communities of hope in Jesus among Indigenous students and faculty. We’re about coming in a good way with good news so that every Native is able to live out their indigenous identity as a people created in the image of Creator.


We seek to bring the gospel to every Native student in a way that heals our relationship with God and others.


We develop deep and meaningful relationships that transform lives by coming alongside others and walking the Jesus way together.


We equip students to serve others, bringing hope and healing to their homeland and the indigenous communities of the world.