Mr. Boyd - 8C

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think"

- Albert Einstein


Whew - Those first weeks went fast!

It was really wonderful to be able to meet so many of you at the Open House on Thursday. I am not sure if it came across, but I'm pretty excited to be teaching all of your students, and I have lots of ideas and high hopes for the year to come. For anyone who wasn't able to attend, as well as anyone who has further questions or concerns, of you would like to arrange a meeting, please feel fee to email me at the address below my picture to arrange a time.

Science 8C - Freshwater Field Trip

My homeroom class went on their field trip exploring the bow river watershed. It was a pretty amazing field trip that allowed the students to participate in water sampling and analysis at the Bow River headwaters just outside of Banff as well as in Canmore near the Water Treatment Center. A liaison from Parks Canada facilitated the day and did an amazing job of educating the students about a wide range of issues that impact fresh water systems. Students learned about environmental design at the Fenlands Athletic Center in Banff, as well as the impacts of development, recreation, and invasive species while playing educational games near the Canmore Golf Course. Pictures of the day will be posted on the new class page.

Social Studies

Students have spent the better part of the past week and a half working on their Causal-Values projects. Which is a fancy way of saying trying to determine what it is they value and where those values come from. They then had to find a visual way to represent those connections. We used this as a springboard to start looking at what sort of things did members of the class have in common, and then have been working on extrapolating those ideas to try to identify things that Canadians value in order to describe a "Canadian Worldview".

This Website

I'm going to work hard to update this website weekly with what has been happening at the school and what my students have been working on. That said, I suspect this page will change and grow as I discover new needs and wants for the space. If there is anything you would like to see more or less of in this space, let me know and I will try to accommodate your requests.

Important Dates

Sept 18 - 8B - Get your Field Trip Forms In

Sept 20 - Last day for Pizza forms

Sept 21 - Last day for Milk order forms

Sept 24 - 8B Water Field Trip

Sept 28 - Terry Fox Run, Orange Shirt Day