Les arbres et la forêt

Les arbres et la forêt

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A etudier pour ton examen de sciences Arbres et Forets

Review of Concepts


Résumé du module.pdf
Copy of Arbres 2 - La structure des arbres


le 4 oct.

Arbres 5 - Anneaux de croissance

Les anneaux

le 9 oct

Copy of Champignons - PBR
Arbres 1 - Les feuillus et les conifères

Arbres 6 - Ecosysteme de la foret
Vocabulaire - Les Arbres et Les Forêts

Vocabulaire Important de l'unité

A working document - Please add important vocabulary from our notes to this Google Doc. Be sure to add a picture and definition!

L'écosystѐme de la forêt

L'écosystѐme de la forêt

L'importance des forêts

L'importance des forêts

Copy of le bois dans nos vies

La tâche - L'importance des arbres et de la forêt

mardi 18 septembre

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English Resources and Activities:

Forest Resource Management Specialist - learn how Foresters are vital in helping our forests thrive while providing benefits we need/want – lumber, wildlife habitat, and recreational activities.

  1. Plant Identification identify and make a record of the plants in and around your school
  2. Dr. Arbor Talks Trees
  3. A Walk in the Woods
  4. Secret Life of Trees
  5. Wonderville The Tree Game Join Hayley Little Moccasin as she explores the woods and see first-hand how environmental conditions affect the growth of trees. Select an environmental condition and watch what happens
  6. Forests: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees
  7. Wonderful World of Trees
  8. Issues in Forestry and Sustainable Forests
  9. Clearcutting and Logging: The War of the Woods
  10. Trees in Canada
  11. Forest Walk Take a virtual walk through a temperate forest.
  12. Ecokids Tree Ring Study
  13. Video: The Great Bear Rainforest Virtual Tour This program documents the controversy surrounding conservation of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. (18 min.)