Wampum Belt: Part 1 - Design (colour motif and pattern) - Feb 6-7th

Part 2 - Weaving the belt with Beads Feb 13th


Winter Scene - Drawing with Perspective (with English Descriptive Setting)

Title Page - Sciences

Advertisement - Français - Understanding design layout, font type, font size, colour choice, etc.)

Poster - Etudes Sociales


  1. The Art Zone- Interactive art that you can make online!
  2. Art Express - Select a grade level and try one or more of the interactive online art activities. Great fun!
  3. Art Adventure Website - (From Cave Art to Your Art, The Art of Crime Detection, Leonardo's Workshop, Go West, Young Artist, Color Theory vs. Dr. Gray, Be an Architect, Out of this World Design, Face to Face)
  4. The Artist's Toolkit: visual Elements and Principles (Explore the tools that artist use like line, colour, and balance- to build works of art)
  5. Inside Art: An Art History Game: An excellent art history game which enables children to interact
  6. by following a story relating to particular paintings and selecting where the story takes them next.
  7. Mixing Colours - This interactive resource from The Learning Federation allows students to
  8. use a mixing machine to make new colours from red, blue, yellow, and white
  9. A Lifetime of Color- Lesson Plans by grade