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Weekly Update October 15th-18th

Hello parents! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend !

In French, we will be working on rhyming and writing a classic poem. We will be continuing our work with adjectives. Also in French, this week`s reading assignment is different for grade 5 and 6. Grade 6 is studying Canadian Government this year and their reading topic is to do with the elections. Grade 5 will continue with a text within our Fall theme.

This week in Social Studies 5, students have chosen a region to work on for a project. They will be using the textbook and other books from the library to learn as much as they can about the physical geography of their region and present it to the class in their chosen format.

In Social Studies 6 students will spend most of this week focused on the election and the election process.

In Math, Both grade 5 and 6 students will be beginning a new unit on number sense for the next couple of weeks. Math problems of the week are on multiplication again this week. The math problems use 4 steps and are assigned at the beginning of the week and due a week later on Mondays.

In Science, grade 5, this week we will focus on life cycles and adaptations. Students will continue their work on their Ecosystèmes assignment in google classroom. Students will have a quiz on Wetlands, I am just not sure if it will be October 22nd or 23rd, they will get more information this week on what to study.

In Science, grade 6, we will be learning about classifying leaves, types of bark, reading tree cookies etc.. Students will also have a Science Test on the Trees and Forest unit, I am just not sure if it will be October 22nd or 23rd.

In Health, last week in Health we focused on Digital Citizenship, for Digital citizenship week at our school as well as talked about our different multiple 'intelligences' and our strengths and weaknesses. This week in health we will be beginning to talk about our successes and areas of growth so far this school year in order to start setting our goals for the school year.

In English Language Arts, students should be finished writing the good copy of their Descriptive paragraph on a food item. They will share these with their classmates out loud this week. We will write another paragraph before the end of the month. We will also have a quiz soon enough on the types of figurative language we learned about: personification, simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, repetition, alliteration...

Some important skills for your child to work on this year are: Typing and Basic Math Facts! I am attaching a way for students to join Typing Pal - click here for instructions: Typing Pal. I will also be putting some links on my website for both typing and math fact games.

My website

DAILY homework - here.

Grade 6 students and parents, with the elections coming up, please check out the following website to see where you stand and have discussions with your family about your opinions!

Vote Compass - CBC

Political Quiz

Also important, I have sent an email regarding Parent Teacher Interviews coming up October 23 (5-8pm) 24th (4-7pm) and 25th (8:30am-12pm). Once you click on the date and time you would like please write your name and your child`s name in brackets, it will register that with me. I will send you a confirmation email with your interview time and date. You cannot change your date and time without contacting me directly, as soon as you book your time slot it is registered. You can only choose one option.

Please click on the link to register:

Students will be bringing home a few assignments they have completed this year to be signed and returned to school to go in their portfolios. Please sign and return :)

Have a great week!


Formulaires/Forms or Notes home:


Orange Shirt Day Assembly - rescheduled for October 18th - 1pm

Scholastic Book Fair (October 23-25th)

Parent Teacher Interviews - Oct. 23 (5 to 8), 24 (4 to 7), 25th (8:30 to 12:00).

October 31st - Halloween Dance in the afternoon

Remembrance Day Assembly - changed to 9:15-10:00am November 7th

Clubs/Intramurals this week:

Wednesdays: 12:15pm: Guitar Club- Mr. Veilleux room 170

Fridays: Grade 5/6 Intramurals 10:15am and 12:25pm

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