New Student Enrollment Process

Welcome to College Community School District! All students must be registered through the District Office prior to attending.

All new students entering the district must provide proper documentation establishing residency. The name and address on these documents must match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the student(s) being registered. Residency at the physical address is required. Click to view acceptable proof of residency documents per Board Policy 501.6.

COMING SOON-Kindergarten registration dates!

Please Note: The procedures to enroll your student may take 1-3 school days to complete. Sometimes it may be longer due to certain circumstances. Please keep this in mind when enrolling your students.

To register students who are new to the district, please follow these steps:

1) Complete the online registration application and gather the correct documentation for enrollment. Even though most of the enrollment information will be entered online there will be a few other documents that will still need to be submitted before moving forward with enrollment.

  • Complete the online registration (once you begin this process utilizing the forward or backward buttons on your browser can cause complications and should be avoided)

2) Once you have submitted your online registration, a follow up email will be sent once it has been approved by the District. Please submit any required and necessary documents via email, mail, or dropping off at the District Office. If you would like to meet with the registrar, please contact the registrar's office via phone or email to set up and appointment.

3) Review -Once the online registration is complete and items are submitted, the registrar will:

    • Ensure the online registration application is complete and approved
    • Ensure all paperwork and documents have been submitted
    • Enroll your child in our student information system
    • Determine the student's building placement (K-4). You will be emailed information about your your child's specific school along with your Campus Parent Log in
    • The school the student is placed will then request records from your child's previous school

4)After completing the enrollment process with the registrar, this is what will happen at your child's school:

Elementary/Intermediate Students (Grades K-6)

The registrar will notify the elementary building secretary of the new student. The building will assign the student to a classroom and give the parent/guardian a call with this information and to set up a building tour prior to the child's first day of school. For students enrolling in the summer, teacher assignments will be released in early August prior to the first day of school.

Middle and High School Students (Grades 7-12)

Secondary students will need to meet with their school counselor to determine the appropriate class schedule before attending classes. The registrar will notify the building of the new student. The building will contact you to set up an appointment. **For students in grades 9-12 it is helpful if you bring along your unofficial transcript to this appointment. This helps the guidance counselor create a schedule and determine credits. (Please note: if the 9th grade student is starting at the beginning of the year, no transcript is necessary unless the student has earned high school credits at their previous school.)

If you are registering over the summer, there will be back to school nights as well as orientation days at each building in August. Please watch your elementary or secondary school's website and online calendar for dates and information.

6) Additional Information

After your child(ren) have been enrolled you may receive additional mailings from your school building(s) as well as the District. You can learn more about the district on our website under the following tabs.

  • Resources
    • EZ School Pay
    • Fees
    • Nutritional Services
    • Transportation
    • Handbooks
    • Policies

For more information you may contact the district Registrar

Jen Armour

401 76th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


Phone: (319-848-5202

Fax: (319)848-4019