About Us

Welcome to the Croydon School District, SAU 99!  SAU 99 serves approximately 65 students in grades K-12.  Students in grades K-4 attend Croydon Village School and students in grades 5-12 attend a school of choice. 

Croydon Village School is reportedly the longest continuously running one-room school house, in operation since 1780.  

Croydon Village School

Mission Statement

The Croydon Village School strives to create a nurturing, safe, and professional environment where students are actively engaged in learning.  The educational, social, and emotional growth of each child is our prime concern and we actively encourage our students to become:

Self-directed Learners

Critical Thinkers and Problem-Solvers

Informed Decisions-Makers

Effective Communicators

Cooperative Participants in School, Life, and Community

Notice to Architects and Engineers

Ad for Architects and Engineers: RFP - RFQ

Notice to Architects and Engineers: RFP - RFQ