Diverse Learners

Crossroads Academy of Kansas City

CAKC Special Education Department

Special Education Q&A

  1. Who qualifies for special education? When a child has been diagnosed with or classified as having a disability and has qualified for Special Education Services (speech and language therapy included), an IEP is created.
  2. What is an IEP? IEPs are Individualized Education Plans for children with disabilities. They are individualized meaning they are specially tailored to fit your child’s unique education needs.
  3. Why is an IEP important? IEPs are legally binding documents that explain how your child’s education will differ from the education of non-disabled children.
  4. What goes into an IEP? An IEP has many components - it will outline the student's present levels of performance, services provided, annual individualized goals, and accommodations/modifications for the classroom.
  5. Who is apart of the IEP team? The IEP is made up of the student, their parent/guardian, general and special education teachers, service providers and administrators. Each member of the IEP team is a vital component to ensure a student with a disability can be successful.
  6. What does special education look like at Crossroads Academy? Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Vandeventer work with diverse learners in the school through inclusion services as well as some pull out sessions.

"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way."

-George Evans