7th and 8th Grade Math

Ms. Allison Bucklew is a KCMO native who graduated from Drake University in 2008 with a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Environmental Studies. She is in her ninth year teaching at high performing charter schools. Ms. Bucklew started teaching upper elementary math in New Orleans turnaround schools in 2008. In 2011, she returned to Kansas City, where she has taught math at the upper elementary and high school levels. You can find Ms. Bucklew at dog parks, boxing gyms, rock climbing, or one of her many favorite coffee shops on the weekends.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns: allisonb@crossroadsacademykc.org.

Upcoming Events

Week of September 19

  • 8th Grade: Benchmark Assessments 1, 2, and 3
  • 7th Grade: Benchmark Assessments 1 and 2

Week of September 26

  • 8th Grade: Mid Unit Assessment
  • 7th Grade Mid Unit Assessment