There's Hope for the Hungry

Crosspoint church has partnered with "There's Hope for the Hungry" a ministry of First Redeemer Church ( to meet the growing needs of the Tri-County area. On the third Monday of each month, we provide a box of food at no charge to those in need. All that is required is each receiver speak with a team member for prayer. Below are some of the goals we share with our "There's Hope for the Hungry"

Our Vision

God called us to take care of the less fortunate and He has blessed us beyond measure with resources to do so. We are to be responsible stewards of God's vast gifts and to use them in ways that please the Lord. We will spread the love of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ by sharing our gifts to feed the spiritually hungry and by supporting each other in our effort to be disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our Mission

Crosspoint has partnered with There's Hope for the Hungry a scripture-rooted, passion-filled ministry, founded in prayer and committed to evangelizing and feeding people who are in need. There's Hope for the Hungry will witness to the lost and feed those who are hungry by relieving human suffering and poverty worldwide in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our major goal is to feed the hungry: additionally, we believe our ultimate goal is to bring people to a place in their lives through short term food relief, salvation, and prayer to where they depend upon themselves and Jesus Christ for their short term, long term, and eternal needs.