Welcome to Year 3's 

Class Page 

Miss Levine, Mrs Bebb, Mr Ivers and Mrs Todd welcome you to Year 3!

Autumn Term

Stone Age to Iron Age

We've had a great start to the Autumn Term. Our new topic is Prehistoric World, where we are learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We had great fun starting our topic with baking different recipes from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age!

Nell Bank

We visited Nell Bank for a Stone Age Workshop. We did den building, fire making, weaving, painting and learnt so many fun facts about the Stone Age!

Synagogue Visit

We visited a synagogue to find our more about Judaism and how Jewish people pray. We enjoyed seeing the torah scrolls, stained glass windows, ark, eternal light and the star of David on the ceiling! We learnt more about Shabbat too. We had a great morning!

Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Nature Sculptures

In art, we've learnt about Andy Goldsworthy and created our own drawings based on his sculptures. Then we worked in groups to design one idea and made it in the nature area.

Christmas Biscuits

We had great fun making and decorating our Christmas biscuits. They were delicious!

Spring Term

Local Area Walk

We went on a walk around Wetherby to identify the human and physical geographical features. We took lots of photos and make a collage.

Science - Plants

We dissected tulips today as part of our Science topic. We identified the stem, leaves, petals, stamen, anther and stigma and discussed their functions

Leeds City Museum

We visited Leeds City Museum for an Ancient Egyptian Workshop. We learnt loads about mummification, hieroglyphics and pharaohs. We also had time to have a look around the museum, which was great. We loved seeing all the different exhibits, particularly the Egyptian mummy!

History - Mummifying Tomatoes

We mummified tomatoes as part of our History topic. We scooped out the seeds, washed and dried the tomato, then filled it with a salt and bicarbonate of soda mixture. We put the covered tomato in a cup and left it. We checked on it every week, for 3 weeks to see what happened. Miss Levine had a control tomato, which wasn't covered in anything.

After 3 weeks, the control tomato was completely mouldy and the mummified tomato wasn't mouldy at all, just very wrinkly!

Summer Term

Geography - Earthquakes

We completed a tectonic plate jigsaw. It was very tricky to put the world map back together along the tectonic plates!

The Tin Forest

After reading The Tin Forest, we made our own tin forests at home! They're fantastic!

Maths - Capacity

We completed different measuring activities linking to capacity.