British Science Week

As well as our weekly Science lessons, often involving practical investigations, we celebrate Science during different times of year, such as during British Science Week. In 2022, we had a visit from Professor Bubbleworks, for a fun-filled day of Science. We learnt a lot during a whole school assembly and our class workshops. A Year 3 pupil said, "I didn't know science could be so fun!" A Nursery pupil said, "That was fantastic!" Following this, each pupil, with a partner, planted a tree, kindly sent from The Woodland Trust; we went on a QR code hunt around school to learn more about different scientists, such as Helen Sharman and Charles Darwin and we made slime and carried out investigations in classes showing how big you can make slime grow.

We also had a fantastic visit from the Wonderdome Planetarium. Each class went inside the dome and learnt about space. 

Planting Bulbs

Bulbs4Kids kindly sent us 600 free daffodil, tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs. These were shared out amongst every pupil in school for them to plant 2 bulbs each around the school grounds. We look forward to seeing them flower in the spring. 

Animal Visitors

Early Years pupils have been learning about the life cycle of different animals, enjoying watching chicks and butterflies hatch and having giant African land snails in their classroom.

Parent Visitors

We had a parent, who is a doctor, visit and show Year 4 children some real human bones!

Educational Visits

Year 2 visited Thackray Medical Museum, as part of their Science and History topic, learning about Florence Nightingale. Year 2 also visited RHS Harlow Carr, as part of their Science topic, learning about living things and their habitats. Early Years visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to learn more about animals and their habitats. 

 Extra Curricular Activities

We have held an extra curricular gardening club and hope to create our own allotment this year. Also, we are holding a Young Engineers extra curricular Science club for pupils in Year 3 - 6 in the Spring Term. 

50 Things to do Before Leaving Crossley Street

During their time at school, each pupil works their way through a '50 Things to do Before Leaving Crossley Street' document, which has many Science links, such as planting trees and bring up a butterfly.