NetWorth Building Communications (NBC) via Quick Response Networking eTV Videos

Wealth Building Video Networking BEFORE, DURING & AFTER Networking Events (BDA).


I use 30 years of TV & Radio Media Marketing Experience with NBC in NY, CNN-TV in LA PLUS 15 Years in TV Infomercials and TV Shopping to Attract New Clients with Virtual Business Card Videos.

Quick Response Videos & Your eTV IntroStory can now Look and Work like Your Own Sales Webinar, Your "Special Report", Your Own TV Infomercial, or TV Shopping Networking for Your Book, Your Products, Coaching, Consultation or Services.

It's now the Updated Version of a "Business in a Box" because it's Your Business in Your Phone (complete with mobile marketing).

Watch the Video Below to Learn from Rodney Brace What We can Do with Our Classic Virtual Business Card:

CLICK HERE TO CHAT WITH MIKE: Let's discuss your business and how we'll help grow your audience reach with Quick Response Networking Video Connections BFORE, DURING and AFTER our BIG Networking Events!

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A New eTV Global Media: Zoom and Other Virtual Meeting Places have Become to Business Networking a New Form of eTV Global Media Communications, for Business Networking and Digital Marketplaces, Locally, Nationally and Globally.

Start Locally: Create Your Own Networking Buzz Before, During and After Our Events When You Meeting Your Public in Our Speed Networking Breakout Rooms as a VIP Networking Influencer in Our Ongoing MEGA Mixers Online, Offline and COMBINED.

Media and Marketing Connections, Tools and Training for Professionals, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Authors to Grow Your Influence and Grow Your Audience!

Buy Right Now Before the 7 Discounted Spots are GONE and Grab 24% OFF Introductory Offer!

Limited Time: Pay Only $149 For Your SPOT in Magazine Ad, PLUS Placement on Our website PLUS VIP Networking Ambassador Training and Event Breakout Room LIVE Networking.

*Ask Mike About Customized Media Details.

I organize BIG and successful networking events, now let me help you get ready to Meet Your Public Packaged and Ready to Go Networking as a Networking Influencer!

🔥 Whether you need Local Clients, National National Customers, or Global Business Development this is The Once Access Point you need.

🔥 We will immediately provide The One Access Point to Your Ideal Prospects in Our "Chamber of Commerce EXPOStyle Business Networking" with Media Marketing Videos and Graphics to enhance your Word of Mouth Networking and Advertising.

🔥 I know this must sound too good to be true so look at what I'm will to do to PROVE behind a shadow of a doubt that it is NOT!

🔥 Get started ASAP with our one-of-kind "BootStrap Sliding Scale" from under $100 or less including:

🔥 A custom video interview with a pro broadcaster, a custom elevator pitch, PLUS 50+ real live prospects to speak to, and test it at our next Virtual Speed Networking Event.

WHO can beat this offer? Please tell me! I want to shake their hand!

🔥 Immediate Networking Connections to Connect with even before our next Virtual Networking Event to meet them there.

🔥 Custom Video Interview by Speaker, Business Educator, Best Selling Author, and Broadcaster Mike Hayes to help you share your own "As Told to Mike Hayes Video or Screencast Interview to fine-tune your sales story.

🔥 Use it before our next BIG Speed Networking Event LIVE, during our Speed Networking Event, and Following our Speed Networking event with all the leads you can collect - GUARANTEED!

🔥 This simply put is a BRILLIANT yet common sense marketing strategy. This is also an Amazing Offer (don't miss this). PLUS this is the HOTTEST Small Business Growth Opportunity that turns everyday business networking into an additional profit center for you.

🔥 Grow your list. 🔥 Grow your influence. 🔥 Grow Your Income, Locally, Nationally, or Globally all from The One Access Point: Cross-Group Networking and Marketing with Video and Virtual Word of Mouth Advertising Online. Offline and COMBINED!

"Imagine if Cinderella's God Mother Packaged either she or the Handsome Prince to be Ready to be Unforgettable at the Ball! We want to package your for professional speed networking presentations. You'll look and sound great - I GUARANTEE IT!"

Mike Hayes, aka The NetworKing

Founder of Cross-Group Networking and Marketing

The Eight MORE Things That Make Us Different

Networking By Invitation Only Will Turn You Into and Instant Networking Powerhouse Starting TODAY - Guaranteed!


Monthly Mega Mixers Online

Save over 20 hours a month to better grow your business.

Traditional networking groups require monthly meetings. Cross-Group Networking offers optional weekly meetings and has created a strategy that guarantees ever-expanding audience engagement. Smaller meeting options empower members to interact with and learn about their group members and technology throughout the month.

Professionally Trained Leaders

Traditional Networking events are hosted by volunteers who leave attendees to their own devices.

This results in closed cliques and frequent changes in leadership, because the leaders are not professionally trained to help make connections.

The Cross-Group Marketing program trains our Digital Ambassadors to reach out and invite new attendees to join them in networking and in Mega Mixers Online Breakout Rooms on Zoom to make sure everyone gets heard in the best light possible.

Friendships and Referrals

Our Networking Success Stories are numerable and based on training members to focus on building "Friendships in Commerce" to build a solid foundation that serves them for many years.

Personal connections result in a much higher level of understanding and easily made referrals from on the other in a large and ever expanding collective of like-minded people from personally selected target audience.

Technology & Connections

We understand technology and how to simplify it so that our Ambassadors can utilize it in their business starting ASAP using the ala carte technologies that are available to produce digital communications and invitation to network in the rapidly expanding digital networking marketplaces for goods and services.

We are looking for and developing Zoom Speakers to promote on our Eco-inspired Digital TV Shopping Networks.

Video Introductions and Invitations to Network

Joe created this by himself and sent it to me and I posted it on the Cross-Group Marketing Website - and I encourage you to create your own invitation videos.

Taking Actions of Impact such as video invitations AND INVITING PEOPLE are the CAUSE we all need to be making daily that creates the EFFECT of the Mega Mixers Online that we all want to be attending on an ongoing basis.

Professional Mentoring

I understand probably better than anyone the need for professional mentoring because I may have had more professionals mentoring than any one person on Earth. After all, I hosted my "Keys to Success in Action" national radio interviews with Oprah, Trump (in better times), Tony Robbins, Steve Wozniak, and Jobs and hundreds more.

I now use my 30 years of experience to mentor local entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders on how to become professionally trained in networking and marketing.

Eco-Inspired Marketing and Digital TV Shopping

We are revolutionizing TV shopping with our Digital TV Shopping Platforms for both Goods and Services so we are looking for and training Zoom Speakers who want to market their "Gig" across Twitch the Amazon TV Network online and broadcast across a national Facebook Group Network and promoted to tens of thousands of Chamber of Commerce Members.

Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization can offer an ROI guarantee like we can.

Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Professionals and, Small Business Owners It is Self Evident that The World of Business Been Changed Forever!

Have YOU changed, yet?

We are offering what I believe is the lowest cost way to shift your business online and to help even offer a buy one "Gift One" free offer to boot!

This is vital to you because the ways We NEED to Get New Clients and Customers Has Also Changed. The Question is Have You Been Able to Adapt to These Changes? We Are HERE to Help You Adapt or Even Rescue You Affordably and Effectively!


Client Attraction Video Communications for Cross-Group Networking Online, Offline and COMBINED!

You will attract more new clients with this offer for Cross-Group Networking Online, Offline, and Combined!

This will happen when you let me 1) help you with your online profile look and message (whether Linkedin, Facebook, Meetup, or website), 2) and then let me capture a simple and supportive Q&A interview with you to help you explain your story to your prospects.

This is what I call a video INTROcommercial; you'll learn how it works as your invitation to network.

But wait, there's much, much more.

Get a Free and Friendly Assessment of Your Current Offer and Your Online Profile for Client Attraction.

You will use your video INTROcommercial to invite prospects to meet you online in one after the next of our ongoing Cross-Group Networking speed networking meetings in small groups or Zoom Meeting Break Out Rooms Online.

Still more.

We understand how much people dislike poorly structured

networking meetings which can be painful to attend and often a waste of time. So we fixed that and pretty much everything else you didn't like about networking for new clients and train you to love networking.

We also fixed the lack of followup on the connections people make and that's another reason we include our video INTROcommercials as invitations to followup.

Your Video INTROcommercial:

  • Grab and hold people's attention

  • Stand out in social media feeds

  • Positions you as an expert online.

  • Introduces you to potential clients 24/7

What you also get when you order the Cross-Group Networking and Communications beginner package!

1) A Guaranteed Video INTROcommercial interview with me (a veteran broadcaster): yes I produce desktop video interviews but the key part of what I do is Story Telling because people like to buy into companies especially when tied directly to business networking.

DON'T WORRY. If you or your family, friends, and prospects don't all LOVE it and love you for doing it - we'll do it again. I help you communicate courageously about what you offer to help you get new clients or customers.

2) I will train you LIVE weekly along with others how to use this unique networking communication tool to get new clients by inviting prospects into our online community. You'll be joining a group of professionally trained Cross-Group Networkers who communicate online, offline and combined.

My training lasts 6 months but helps you BEGIN having improved networking conversations almost immediately.

3) You will join me and others regularly online to meet, listen, share and help ... and you will meet new clients.

4) You will learn how I along with others are meeting new clients and growing our audiences and we are doing it by inviting others who also NEED improved networking to grow and to network with us.

Cross-Group Networking is a powerful networking strategy designed to grow all groups involved through our cross-pollination group invitations and introductions.

Networking is vital for client attraction. So we fixed it.

Many social media marketers may know HOW to operate virtual machines such as Facebook LIVE, Zoom, Loom, Linkedin, and YouTube to dig for clients, but don't understand WHERE to dig.

Networking's importance is self-evident to us.

Why spin your wheels randomly looking and looking come to the place where professionals who understand networking: come to NETWORK?

The cost for all of this networking communication including six months of networking training and speed networking is normally $597 TOTAL but right now we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you.

Limited Time Coronavirus Social Distancing SPECIAL Buy One Gift One FREE to anyone in need including a nonprofit, a friend or an entrepreneur you meet at our Free Public Relations Club.

Weekly LIVE and Recorded Zoom Webinar Training On:

WHEN: Tuesdays, between 4 pm and 6 pm PST on Zoom and Recorded for Self-Paced Learning.

What: Weekly Cross-Group Networking Trainings on Zoom LIVE and Recorded.

How to use the unique video INTROCommercial (the one I produce be interviewing you about your offer and online profile).

Learn how to use a video invitation to invite prospects to meet with you online, or offline or at our ongoing speed networking meetings in Cross-Group Networking Zoom Breakout Rooms.

Learn how to capture the Names, Emails and Phone Numbers of our attendees right from the chat box.

Learn how to attend and/or Host Speed Networking Breakout Rooms of smaller groups of attendees for authentic conversations, relationship building and making referral connections.

Learn the Cross-Group Networking Communications Strategy to grow collective audiences to grow every group with cross-pollination networking.

Meet Special Guest Trainers invited to train us at times between 5 pm and 6 pm on Tuesday's training Zoom calls.

NOTE: Our ongoing Cross-Group Speed Networking collaboration events are also planned during these weekly Tuesday Zoom Calls.

Partner Program Pricing: Ask About Our NEW "I Network LIVE" - Monthly Installment PARTNER PROGRAM to Help Our Partners Get Through the Pandemic Bubble!

What's the catch? How can the cost be so low? What am I missing?

The only catch is that we train people to to team with us to grow our networking connections togethers as a team.

We also train our clients to treat others the way we want others to treat us and our program is HOW we'd like to be treated and believe you will be too!

If you need more help. I'll be there for you.


  • Our 1:1 Zoom lesson where You and I will discuss your current online profile about what you offer (whether your profile is on Linkedin, Facebook, Meetup, or on your website I've turned around companies dramatically by changing their declarations and conversations).

  • On zoom we'll discuss these questions:

    • What do your Clients WANT?

    • What is your INTENT to help them get it?

    • What is the OBSTACLE preventing your clients from getting what they want?

    • Why and How are you are a GUIDE with a PLAN?

    • Who will they become, or what they will gain from hiring you?

    • Do you have a sociological mission to fix?

    • Exactly what ATIONS are you calling on them to do?

Do you have a DIRECT Call to Action & a TRANSITIONAL Call to Action?.

    • We will then schedule time with me to record your INTROcommercial video invitation to meet and network with our groups as your leverage.

NOTE: Your online profile doesn't need all the answers to these questions

Noon Webinar Wednesdays

Time: Noon

What Free Client Attraction Webinar Discussions on Zoom

When: Wednesdays.

  • Access our Noon Webinar Wednesdays and our Free Public Relations Club to an interactive video guide walking you through the key parts of shooting, if you ever need a refresher

Free Public Relations Club

  • Optional Group Feedback: When requested we will provide gentle yet constructive comments on what is working in your offer and what tangible steps you can take to improve sales performance.

​Who is this for?

  • You're an entrepreneur who is also your entire marketing department!

  • You're a coach suddenly shifting your business online!

  • You are your business & people have to buy into you as well as what you do!

  • You're active on social media but aren't getting much engagement!

Is it wise to wait and RISK more setbacks or worse missout on the new forms of business networking opportunities available and affordable with this Cross-Group Networking COMMUNICATIONS Program?

Do the math, how many new clients would you need over the next weeks of months to cover the cost of the small investment ten times over?

Where will you be six months from now? Still spinning your wheels of growing in groups and bounds with us and Cross-Group Networking communications?

Still not convinced? No problem, let's talk it over on a free Zoom Call.

Buy Right Now Before the 7 Discounted Spots are GONE and Grab 25% OFF Introductory Offer!

Limited Time: Pay Only $149 For Your SPOT in Magazine Ad, PLUS Placement on Our website PLUS VIP Networking Ambassador Training and Event Breakout Room LIVE Networking.

*Ask Mike About Customized Media Details.

We Help People Discover The Hidden Business Networking Wealth Right Under Their Feet!

Below you can read and even listen to Testimonials, Success Stories and Networking Case Studies, from a recent Online Masterclass I Held.

TESTIMONIAL from Nicole Coble, a former R.N. an Mother of two:

I had zero experience with networking when I started the networking training. For me networking training helped me meet new people, bring in new business. I go to a lot of different networking events I set up events.

Are used to be a nurse and didn’t know anything about networking or about growing financially I mean nurses make decent money but once I got into this new position from networking from everything that I’ve learned through networking and marketing and development I literally grow my business millions of dollars in a matter of months.."

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Nicole's own words and enthusiasm about the power in becoming a professionally trained networker.

TESTIMONIAL from Erick Andersson, a struggling entrepreneur:

"I was struggling with zero Clients. Through networking, we literally were able to take my company lab stop from a company with zero clients, two grossing about $150,000 per month and that was all through networking. That simply doesn't happen any other way."

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Erick Anderson's own words and enthusiasm about the power in becoming a professionally trained networker.

TESTIMONIAL from Gail Goldie, an Advertising Executive who succeed with Networking:

"listen to what Gail Goldie told me about her networking success today.

"I would say my whole income has all been through networking since I got in the advertising" and Gail told me that over the years networking has been worth millions of dollars to her financially

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Gail Goldie's own words and enthusiasm about the power in becoming a professionally trained networker.

COMPANY TESTIMONIALS from the TV Infomercial Industry and a Freelance Marketplace online:

"Listen to what some media and marketing professionals share with you about HOW there is a place for you, your business and your group with Cross-Group Networking today:

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to LISTEN to media marketing professionals in their own words and enthusiasm about the power in becoming a professionally trained networker.

MEDIA TESTIMONIALS from the Radio syndication Industry about my broadcast radio success:

I can broadcast radio feature stories worldwide whenever I choose on hundreds of AM/FM Radio affiliates of NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX plus internationally.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to LISTEN to my radio syndication company president in their his words describe the reach of my radio broadcasts.

Buy Right Now Before the 7 Discounted Spots are GONE and Grab 25% OFF Introductory Offer!

Limited Time: Pay Only $149 For Your SPOT in Magazine Ad, PLUS Placement on Our website PLUS VIP Networking Ambassador Training and Event Breakout Room LIVE Networking.

*Ask Mike About Customized Media Details.

Mike Hayes, d.g.a. Broadcaster and Founder of Cross-Group Networking Online, Offline and Combined.

"There is a place for you and your business with Cross-Group Networking", Mike

Cross-Group Networking eTV, 1520 A Rancho View Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549

Phone: 415-781-9296

Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization can offer an ROI guarantee like we can.

25% off : Gets You Your $149 Monthly Membership Fee Goes to Your Personal Discount Coop Media Exposure Budget Or You Buy Discount Coop Media at Non-Member Virtual Networking and Marketing Pricing. *Ask for Customized Media Details.

Refer People You Know to Buy a $97 Ad Space and Grow Your Own Networking Audience.