Vote Save America
Training Resources

Created by Vote Save America Community Moderators, this resource will walk you through five tips to help you become more confident while making calls.

Relational organizing is the process of using your influence over the people you know to share why voting matters to you, and to connect your shared values to voting. This toolkit will walk you through the components of relational organizing so that you can feel confident when talking to your friends, family, and extended networks about voting.

Voters you talk to are more likely to remember how they felt about a conversation than the details. Use this resource to more effectively explain why you care so much about a specific candidate or cause.

So many people who would volunteer won’t because simply because no one asked them. All they need is a specific and clear call to action presented to them. This resource will prepare you to do just that.

Organizing Training Series - Personal Story and Hard Asks.mp4

Organizing Training Series:
Personal Story Sharing + Hard Asks

Originally recorded on August 18th, 2022.

Organizing Training Series - Relational Organizing.mp4

Organizing Training Series:
Relational Organizing

Originally recorded on August 25th, 2022.