School-Wide Rubrics

The Cromwell High School community believes that the mission of the school is to educate and inspire all students to apply essential skills needed to become productive and responsible citizens in the 21st century. The Cromwell High School community has identified the following learning expectations for all students:

  • Utilize critical thinking skills.
  • Employ problem solving skills.
  • Read actively and critically in a variety of situations.
  • Write effectively for a variety of purposes.
  • Speak effectively and clearly.
  • Apply technology effectively.
  • Demonstrate and recognize the principles of wellness and physical fitness.
  • Demonstrate understanding and skills in the fine and practical arts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of world cultures.

Each department at the high school has chosen one of these learning expectations as a focus throughout the year, and students are assessed quarterly on their progress towards developing these skills with a school-wide rubric. These scores will be available in the Power School Portal, but they are not included in the quarter grade. The assessments are tools that the faculty uses to measure growth and to guide curriculum development.

Your child is graded by a variety of criteria, depending on which rubric is being used. For all rubrics, the indicators are as follows: Exemplary, Proficient, Limited, and Insufficient. Parents and guardians should look for growth in their particular child over the school year.

Click here to view the school-wide rubrics.

CHS Rubrics Slides