School Audits and Advising

What can a school audit do for us?

A school audit will provide a critical look at all the language provisions in your school, on three levels: organisation, curriculum and pedagogy. The audit takes into account multiple perspectives, from administration, staff and students. All of the data is gathered and analysed, to produce a report with recommendations for short, medium, and long-term modifications your school can make to maximise language learning in all areas, and provide targeted support for your staff and all your students.

What is involved in a school audit?

A full-school audit can take from 1-4 days, depending on the size and complexity of the school. It involves the following four steps:

School Coaching

CEC believes that good professional development is not always a one-off event, and that too often after PD sessions staff are left enthusiastic but thinking “But now what”? School coaching can help staff move from acquiring new knowledge to confident implementation. The coaching process moves through four phases: