Do you like to squeeze every last drop of adventure out of life? Enjoy exploring new places? How 'bout hanging out with your closest friends? Well then, you'll LOVE Venturing. From experiencing the thrill of ziplining and the accomplishment of rock climbing, to the heart-pounding charge of whitewater rafting, you'll have the time of your life with your best friends in Venturing.

Venturing Crew 37, based in Los Altos, is a coed, high-adventure program for youth 14 through 20 years of age, or 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade. The program offers exciting and meaningful youth-run activities that help our Scouts pursue their special interests, grow by teaching others, and develop leadership skills.

In addition to monthly Friday Night Game Nights, Crew 37 votes each year on our calendar of activities, selecting from a range of activities such as Night Ziplining, Pinnacles Camping & Climbing, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course at the Sheriff's Training Center, Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Cache Canyon rafting, Bio-luminescence Kayaking, Caving, Scuba and Glass Blowing. We also do service activities such as serving breakfast to needy local residents, a Redwood Grove work day, and Scouting for Food.

One of the cool things about Crew 37 is that it is activity based. You attend the events that are interesting to you. If you're ready to travel to new places, meet new friends, and go on high-adventure excursions, then Venturing is the place for you. Sign up now and participate in some really great adventures!

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Life is an adventure. Go higher, go farther, go Venturing!