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On this website you will find a series of information about each of the courses taught, including syllabi and a course explanation.

Our school mission statement:

"To develop respectful and productive citizens. Learners will demonstrate academic and communicative skills necessary to navigate new challenges while providing support for their families and communities."

Our classroom mission statement:

Demonstrate R.E.S.P.E.C.T

(Responsibility, Engagement, Sincerity, Preparedness, Ethics, Courtesy, Timeliness)

About Mrs. Heather Garrelts

Background: Heather is the oldest of three sisters (Elizabeth and Danielle). She grew up a "Navy Brat" and has lived in Illinois, Washington, California, South Dakota, Scotland, UK, and of course Nebraska (Go Huskers!) She lives in Crete with her husband, Jon, and their daughter, Kiya. The rest of her family lives in Nebraska and Iowa.

Education: Mrs. Garrelts graduated from Gothenburg High School and then earned a bachelor's degree in English and Organizational Communication from UNK. She returned a year later through the Transition to Teach program to earn her teaching degree in Secondary English and Speech Communication. Two years later she had earned a pK-12 Reading Specialist MAE.

Experience: Heather began teaching at Crete during the 2015-2016 school year and has taught College Writing, Composition, and English III. In 2017, she began co-sponsoring the CHS Student Council. Prior to working in Crete, she was at Lexington High School for seven years (2008-2015) where she taught a myriad of classes including Shakespeare, Heroes in Literature, Reading Improvement (AR), English III, Honors CP English III, and Speech/Honors Speech. She coached the speech team for five years.

Other: Mrs. Garrelts enjoys reading, spending time with her family (across Nebraska and Iowa), traveling (when possible), crafting, and decorating. She also attends all of Kiya's activities (swim, volleyball, dance, music lessons, etc) as mom/cheerleader and can often be found driving Kiya from one activity to the next.

I truly believe that to become successful at something, you have to work on that skill repeatedly with purpose and tenacity.

If you think you aren't good at writing or reading, you need to write and read more.

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

by Brian Clark

  1. Write
  2. Write More
  3. Write Even More
  4. Write Even More than That
  5. Write When You Don't Want to
  6. Write When You do
  7. Write When You have Something to Say
  8. Write When You Don't
  9. Write Every Day
  10. Keep Writing

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Reader

By Mrs. Garrelts in the style of Clark

  1. Read
  2. Read More
  3. Read Even More
  4. Read Even More than That
  5. Read When You Don't Want to
  6. Read When You do
  7. Read When You have Something to Gain
  8. Read When You Don't
  9. Read Every Day
  10. Keep Reading