Crestwood Cricket

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The Cricket is as multi-lingual as its community! Read this page in:

📆 Upcoming Events & Deadlines 📆

✨Caper 2020: Reach for the Stars!

Our biggest community and fundraising event of the year will be held on March 14 from 10-2p at Crestwood. Everyone is invited!

Running a booth for your kiddo's class is fun and easy - volunteer here! Please donate candy, soda, cereal, and baked goods for our Candy Spinner, Cake and Cereal Walk, and Soda Toss booths!

🎲 Kindergarten Game Night

The 3 Kindergarten classrooms invite families to bring their favorite board game to share with each other at Game Night! Join the fun, Feb 21st in the Crestwood Gym from 5pm-7pm. Please watch for sign ups to bring snacks and games.

⚽️ Kindergarten Soccer

Let's get a Crestwood team together for spring soccer! Joining the co-ed team is $65 for the season - 6 games and 6 practices. Full scholarships are available (including for gear) and each team includes 10-12 kids

Teams are formed by friend request and school affiliation (though all affiliated schools are within the Memorial attendance area). To get kids on to the same team, list "Celia Dressler" as a friend request in addition to marking Crestwood on the registration form.

Registration deadline is 3/1. For more information, visit

🗣 Restorative Justice Discussion Night - Tuesday, February 25

Join Crestwood staff for a discussion on Restorative Justice on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Crestwood Elementary School (LMC). This event will be held during our scheduled CAPT meeting in February.

Crestwood Staff have been committed to supporting a shift to the use of restorative justice practices as a way to build and maintain healthy relationships, repair harm, create just and equitable learning environments, and end the school to prison pipeline. While we have already seen many great outcomes since our journey began, we are eager to take this work to the next level by collaborating with families around these meaningful practices.

The kick-off event on February 25th will be a time to eat, connect, hear "Our Crestwood Story", and gain a deeper understanding of what restorative justice means at Crestwood, how all students are benefiting from this shift, and how you can be involved in supporting this work.

Interested families will be able to obtain a free copy of "Justice on Both Sides," and continue participating in meaningful conversations that honor and celebrate the diverse identities, values, and cultures that make up our community. We look forward to hearing your stories and bringing family voice into our work at Crestwood.

Pizza, childcare and Spanish translation will be provided for this event.

📖 Other Information 📖

🛑 Morning drop off: NO Y-TURNS

Please do not make a Y-turns near Crestwood. Cars pulling into driveways on south side of Sauk and backing up into the street to turn around is a dangerous move and children are at risk...especially the little ones who race up the sidewalk ahead of parents.

💕 Read Your Heart Out

On Friday, February 14th, Crestwood celebrated African American Parent Involvement Day by welcoming readers from our Crestwood families and community. Students really enjoyed listening to stories and getting to meet people in our community, especially their classmates’ parents! Thank you to all the readers who came to make the day special for our students.

I’d also like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Andre for coordinating the readers, Mr. Cushman for opening the library and making so many wonderful books available, and Ms. Britta for providing donuts and coffee. Thanks, too, to all the teachers for being flexible with their schedules and welcoming our families and community members!

💰 Crestwod CAPT Trivia Night Fundraiser - Success!

Thank you to everyone who attending the CAPT Trivia Night event on January 30th. Thank you to everyone who made donations! With your support, CAPT raised $2,749! We are very excited to share that we made our minimum amount needed to support the Crestwood Gardener in Residence Program for the 2020/2021 school year!

We also wish to share a special thank you to all the families who sponsored a teacher's ticket for this event. We were able to have 13 teachers join us for this fun night! Thank you everyone for a fun night out.

🥪 Lunchtime Celebrations

Each week during lunchtime, we celebrate students in a variety of ways. On Mondays we celebrate birthdays and students choose a birthday book donated by the CAPT. On Thursdays we celebrate our Lexia Superstars. Lexia is an online literacy program. When students pass a level, we shout them out and they receive a certificate. On Fridays we celebrate our Classy Crickets. These are students who have been recognized by their teacher in a positive way. Classy Crickets earn a certificate and have their picture added to the screen in the entryway.

🚙 School Drop-Off Dos & Don'ts

Once the school buses have left Crestwood (typically about 7:40am), you are welcome to drop your student/s off on the Crestwood side of Old Sauk Rd. Please pull as far ahead as possible so that vehicles behind you do not block the traffic. Your child needs to get out quickly and use the sidewalk and steps to enter school safely. School staff will be present to help them get into the building and to their classroom. If you would like to walk your child to the front door, please park on the opposite side of Old Sauk Rd. in the marked zone and walk your student across the crosswalk with the crossing guard. There is no curb-side pick-up after school due to traffic concerns.

🚌 Support for positive bus behavior

We’re hoping we can all work together to make sure every student feels safe and sense of belonging everywhere in our school community, including on buses.

Bus transportation is a privilege, not a right, and bus privileges may be taken away based on behavior. Students riding yellow school buses are subject to discipline in accordance with the Behavior Education Plan (BEP). Our approach is intended to help students learn positive behaviors and repair harm if any negative behavior occurs.

We recently reviewed this elementary slide deck with all students, intending to help clarify expectations and support positive bus behavior. If you get a chance, please take a look at the slides and discuss with your student if they ride the bus. Thank you for your support.

🎓 5th Grade Graduation: Parents wanted!

Would you like to help plan your 5th grader's graduation day? Contact Jescie Kitchell via email or at 608-661-0561 for details.