Creighton Virtual Academy

Welcome to CVA's Parent/Family Resources Handbook.

Here, you will find what you need to support your child's remote learning experience. We are here to provide the best online learning experience possible and support you along the way. Please reach out with any questions or suggestions. We are a Virtual Online Academy, with a physical address at The Creighton Academy on 28th street and McDowell. Please stop by to meet us or for in-person assistance.

2802 E. McDowell Rd. Phx 85008

(602) 381-6023

Join the Adventure

Thank you for choosing the Creighton Virtual Academy for your child this year. We know that you have many options, and we’re thrilled that you’re here with us.

This user guide is a living document and will be updated throughout the year. We hope that it will answer your questions and help you navigate the online portals in which your students will be working. Questions are welcomed, please contact us at any time. The final section of this user guide includes contact information for our administrative team, as well as Creighton technical support for families.

Program Overview

From our very first day of planning and design for the Creighton Virtual Academy, we started with a core value. The principle that guided all of our design was that the only difference between the Creighton Virtual Academy school experience and the experience at any other Creighton school is the location of our students and teachers. Because of that core value, we have done our best to design an online learning environment and experience that is all the excellence of a Creighton education, from wherever internet access is provided.

Students enrolled in the Creighton Virtual Academy receive live instruction from dedicated Creighton teachers, using Creighton curriculum. Creighton Virtual Academy operates five full days per week from 7:30am to 2:40pm (12:40 early release Wednesdays), supporting kindergarten through 8th grade students. Students will be enrolled in all of the same core courses that we offer in our brick and mortar schools. They receive the same lessons and activities for social-emotional learning. In addition, we offer special areas and electives for students, as well as provide services and accommodations for those students who require them, such as special education, gifted, and English Language Learners, as well as online extracurricular activities.