World of Debate

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World of Debate

We began our study of a Four Corner Debate last week! This is a non-threatening activity that allows students to discuss controversial topics and encourages them to reflect and reconsider their reasoning in order to draw some conclusions. We started with a simple statement: “Since middle students need more sleep, we should start school two hours later.” After writing down their thoughts, students decided whether they “Strongly Agreed,” “Agreed,” “Strongly Disagreed,” or “Disagreed” with the statement (hence the 4 corners).

This week we moved on to a more controversial topic: “Gun Control versus Gun Rights.” Students were required to research the topic in order to provide evidence to support their reasoning. Once each group reported their opinion, we opened up the floor for a debate and discussion. Students did a great job and had a lot of fun in the process! Next week, we will begin a study of the Town Hall debate. Engage your child by asking them to share some ideas with you on topics they might be interested in debating about at school!

Up Next

Last week, we began our study of Slam Poetry! We started with a brief history and a study of some key vocabulary terms. The students watched a few examples of slam poetry to familiarize themselves with this unique type of art. We took notes about what we noticed in the performances and discussed the themes of each poem as a group.

This week, the students chose between two different slam poems to perform in front of the group. Our focus this round was volume, clarity, and preparedness. We will be gathering ideas for our own slam poems next week. The students will write a “List Poem” and try repetition as a their poetic device.